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Top 10 Apps That Drive The Gig Economy

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If you have been considering starting up a side hustle to make extra money on the side, you should consider this collection of gig economy apps to offer your services to the world. No matter if you are great at moving things, driving, or creating furniture or clothing with your hands, you can turn that talent into cold, hard cash with these apps.

10. Feastly

Want to experience meals made by some of the best chefs in the world? Feastly works like an Airbnb of meals, as you can sign up for a dinner hosted by a vetted chef in a handful of cities across the United States. Chefs can have their talent recognized by hosting dinners and showing off their talents for the culinary-inclined.

9. Etsy

Selling hand-made items has been done for hundreds of years, but Etsy is the number one online marketplace to reach thousands of customers. Any item that has been hand-made is eligible to be sold at your online store, and you will need at least ten things to get started.

8. DogVacay

Want to find a reliable dog-sitter for your furry friend while you are on vacation or at work?DogVacay provides the best way to get into contact with local, vetted sitters who have a passion for animals and will look after your pet with love and affection. Dog-sitters using DogVacay get more bookings, so dog-sitting as a side hustle becomes more viable thanks to this app.

7. Zeel

A relaxing massage can be the best part of the day, but not if you have to drive to an out of the way massage parlor. Zeel puts you in contact with licensed massage therapists who will come to your home or hotel in as little as an hour's notice. You can also book a massage with your favorite therapist in advance.

6. Hubstaff Talent

Finding a freelancer in any industry can be hard, but Hubstaff Talent makes it a bit easier by connecting you to thousands of freelancers across the globe. The best part is it is an entirely free to use service, so freelancers get to keep all their money. The site features over 14,000 professional freelance profiles to choose.

5. Schlep

Need something moved and you are out of friends willing to help you? Schlep offers pre-defined prices for moving pieces of furniture, so you know exactly how much you will be charged before you hire. Check it out if you need anything moved from one location to another.

4. Handy

Need a handyman around the house to fix a few things that are broken? Handy can help with that by putting you into contact with local professionals with upfront pricing for the job before you even hire them. Everything from painting, wall hanging, assembly and more are covered.

3. Shipt

Hate spending hours at the grocery store every week selecting the same ingredients for your family's meals? Shiptis a service that allows you to provide a list of ingredients and they will be delivered to your home in as quickly as an hour. It takes the hassle out of shopping and only requires a $49 annual membership to participate.

2. Wimdu

Wimdu connects city apartment owners with short-term vacation rentals in more than 150 countries. It works similarly to Airbnb, but it focuses on connecting those who own apartments with those who would like to rent an apartment in their chosen city.

1. Lyft

The friendly pink mustache has made its impact on the gig economy apps landscape, asLyft has become a pretty big contender to Uber for the crown of best crowdsourced ride platform. With fare estimates and free ride credits, Lyft is a popular alternative to Uber.

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