Tuesday, May 16, 2017

YouTube FanFest Creator Camp Highlights

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We are proud to have been a part of the YouTube FanFest Creator Camp held on May 11 at the World Trade Center. There were just a very few of us there since the seats are probably less than a hundred and since everyone was allowed to bring a plus one, then that could only mean only around 50 got the chance to be face-to-face with some of the leading local and foreign YouTubers or Content Creators led by Alex Wassabi, Mikey Bustos, Wil Dasovich, Lloyd Cafe Cadena, Erwan Heussaff and a lot more who joined the several panel discussions composed of three YouTube sensations per panel.

Bear in mind that only content creators with a minimum of 1K subscribers were allowed to be part of the YouTube FanFest Creator Camp so everyone there are naturally active in content creation to be able to garner such a number of followers. However, I would be on the modest side since I am only a minuscule of what the others have achieved on YouTube.

I got to meet a few more content creators that nearer my age, and a lot from the younger generations that are still at the start of the Millennials group. I am way beyond 35 so that makes me a little bit out of place among the majority there composed of the youth somewhere around their college levels.

I was surprised that some of them do know me or they probably just heard me ask a question during the Q&A portion of the first panel where I asked the panelist of their thoughts of being more globally competitive if you can fluently speak in English.

At that time, Lloyd Cafe Cadena was speaking in Taglish because either he intends to make us laugh or he truly is having a hard time speaking straight in the English language, while the rest of the panelists was having it easy since they have foreign blood mixed with their nationality.

That's the only opportunity I got to engage with the panelists since they were trying their best to get different people the opportunity to ask questions.The moderators were also changing during every panel but are mostly coming from YouTube Partners.

Praises to Wil Dasovich for speaking about Gloco who has also reached a significant number of followers compared to last year's digits. He gave the man further recognition with those compliments. I salute you, Wil!

Janina Vela and Quark Henares, also got to talk upfront to speak more about themselves and their work.

There were also no opportunity for some selfie and groupfie shots with the Content Creators. I would assume that would take a significant number of time to finish since everyone would want their own selfies with these YouTube artists.

Of course, the sponsors were also given time to promote their brands and contests, but it was unfortunate that i couldn't join because I couldn't find the time. I have so many events lined up that it's impossible to pause just to join their contest. I am grateful though of their freebies during the YouTube FanFest Creator Camp day.

We took a lot of videos during the Creator Camp that started at around 11 am and ended sometime 4 pm. There were times that Q&A portions never happened, and was limited to only a few. But overall, the entire event was very fulfilling especially when Karl Zarate ended it with a few of his covers.

Check out our videos on YouTube so you can be in the loop.

Congratulations YouTube for the successful Creator Camp. I've heard the Fanfest itself on May 12 was also a stunning success just like always.

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