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Building Blocks, Molding Clays and Other Toys from Funtastic International

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I may no longer be a kid since I'm way past schooling and have worked for so many years already, but  I would always be a kid-at-heart even when I'm older and reached beyond my prime years.

I would continue to be playful and less worrisome since life is boring if you're too stiff to find fun out of the things around you. But don't get me wrong, I am serious with my being child-like with regards to still finding it interesting to play with stuff, especially toys that are specifically designed to be played with.

Yup! I still adore receiving toys but the ones designed for all ages to play with. Building blocks are great examples of toys that would never be just for the young ones. Even the young once can play with them and have lots of fun times. Whether to be collected or played with for several hours, it is fascinating that these kind of toys are ageless. Just like rubics cube, or card and board games, that are even fun playing with even though console games and mobile apps are everywhere. The ball, regardless of sport (basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc., has always been a very flexible toy where we can use our imagination to come up with other forms of play time with it. I see myself bouncing those balls at every wall of our rooms at home endlessly.

The great thing about Funtastic International, a company where we visited its showroom one day, is that they are the ones who designed the toys themselves. They may have patterned some from existing bestsellers, but still they made it a level up above the existing, and matched it with affordability that would be very hard to match by the foreign branded ones.

My favorite is the Zigo building blocks since they made it a lot more interesting with their worth-to-collect models that can become a bigger toy once assembled together. The toys are good by themselves individually but can alter be formed into something more interesting to play with. It also comes with many combinations that you'll spend many fun hours to play with them.

They are also fun to give out to your kids as a reward system. The tip of the owner, Mr. Rex Daryanani, the President of Funtastic International Inc., is to buy the entire set so you won't miss out on all the models, but then give them to your kid one at a time. However, I told him that it would be hard to hide the toys from the kids as they would surely try to look for them once they found out their parent bought the entire set. Hehehe.

But it's up to the parent how we could store away the rest of the models so we could give out a toy at certain intervals. Patience is another virtue that we should teach our children.

I was informed that one of Mr. Rex's kid was the one who led the design of the Zigo, and togetehr with his siblings, has been the primary reviewers who scrutinizes every toy the company  manufactures.

The Creadough is another familiar kids toys where imagination is beyond the limit. It may be similar to the foreign brands but I believe Funtastic International has again surpassed the common with its many options and accessories that could go with the differently colored molding clay.

They also have quality backpacks with many categories based on age group. We got to bring home one (Trek) but I was more interested in going home with the Zigo, specifically the ones that could be collected and assembled to become bigger toys. However, they were not available to be given out that day.

Hoping to have all of the different variations for a series of unboxing videos where I could show how I patiently assembled the building blocks, and if I get to have more of them, I could maybe come up with an even bigger toy that I creatively designed out from my own imagination.

Mr. Rex told us that the major department stores and malls are their clients, and what we see on the price tags at their showroom was already the suggested retail price. This made us realize that the toys are really so affordable compared with the other brands. You would not say they are cheaply made as the materials and features of the toys are at par, if not better, with many quality toys.

I was also impressed with the story he told us about how he deals with his employees and his relationship and the benefits he gives to them. This makes them also an ideal employer as they mean more than just business. For a company to flourish, it must take care of its number one resource - it's employees.

Mr. Rex has said a lot of quotable statements on our video interview so please do watch it when you want to feel inspired. It's quite long but it's all worth your time.

We got to play with some of the toys especially the ones that are battery-operated like the transforming car-to-robot, the dinosaurs that we made to fight each other, the battery-operated Zigo, and a few more.

Obviously, I'm not done with my stories about Funtastic International because I still am awaiting an opportunity to actually play with their toys together with my kids who would surely love them. I hope they contact me soon because I am all excited to let my creative juices flowing again

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