Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Foreign(er) Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay is an "Alien"

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Yasay it best when Yasay nothing at all." 

Yasay is apparently "stateless." That lying (dying?) old man is "stateless."

I could swore I heard myself singing, but that's just in my head. Nothing said saved me from the ridicule. But Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Acting Secretary Perfecto Yasay has not learned his lesson when it comes to keeping mum about his nationality, and thus he is now in deep shit with regards to his appointment.

Sec. Yasay takes the meaning of foreign secretary literally, as he is truly a foreign(er) in real life.

Though we all know he is there at the DFA only to keep it warm for former Senator and Vice Presidential running mate of Rodrigo Duterte, Allan Peter Cayetano, he still needs to undergo an appointment at the Commission on Appointments (CA).

Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. says he is a "Filipino in thought, in word, and in deed. But then we also have that video in which Yasay lied under oath with regard to his U.S Visa.

Rep. Josephine Ramirez-Sato says Yasay handed her last week an envelope containing docus showing he was granted US citizenship.

Ramirez-Sato to Yasay: Were you ever an American citizen? Yes or no? 

Yasay: I have always admitted I was granted US citizenship in 1986.

But Yasay also said he never became an American citizen. He said he had documents to prove he was not an American.

Practicing lawyers in the U.S. have also spoken. Sec. Yasay, you have a lot of explaining to do. Taking an oath of allegiance to the United States is not a requirement to obtain LPR/green card status. But it is a requirement to become a naturalized citizen of the US.

Is Yasay saying that the US Embassy where he applied for disqualification ran out of forms so they gave him a form for renunciation instead?

Yasay apologizes for 'inadvertently' misleading on US citizenship. But misleading is an understatement. Yasay lied and he knows it!

Now, Yasay admits he had a US passport. He has apparently discovered his US passport but still can't find his backbone.

Yasay should set the record straight. His citizenship is moot in my opinion but he should be honest as he is a gov't. official.

Both Duterte and Yasay are putting the Philippines' national security and sovereignty at risk!

Yasay, stop using alternative facts smh!!! You are a US citizen and that's it! Ang dami pang paligoy ligoy! He thinks he can get away with it by citing lying by omission and perpetuation of continuing misrepresentation? Lol!

When Yasay flip flops, it's not Yasay vs. Yasay but Yasay vs. Yasaid. He's consistently inconsistent. Not once, not twice. But perhaps all the time. This guy is is boneless.

The fate of SFA Yasay will be announced later during the plenary session of the CA. Junk or approve the ad interim appointment of Sec. Yasay? A resounding "Yes" is inevitable.

"Any assertion that I am an alien must be proven in the proper forum in accordance to the rule of law and due process" - Perfecto Yasay

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