Wednesday, October 5, 2016

FDA vs Drug Stores and Online Shops That Carry Harmful Products

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The Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines have been battling with drug stores that sell fake, illegal and harmful products that are not registered and approved. Now, ever since the social media has been brought to life, it is another chapter of “FDA vs Stores That Carry Harmful Products”. It is now extra challenging because there are a lot of online shops that carry harmful products. By harmful, it means it could basically cause irreversible damage to one’s health! It is heart breaking to know that we trust drug stores and online shops yet they only care about their business and they still carry products that are fake and harmful to the health even though they fully understand the consequences to every Filipinos’ health.

This is written not to point a finger to anyone but who is really responsible for this concern? Is the FDA doing its job or are the shops are really smart and sneaky that’s why they can still operate even though there were instances that they should have been banned a long time ago? Whose responsibility is it anyway?! I guess we’ll have to let this question linger and see for ourselves in the future. The only thing we can do for now is to take measures on how we can protect ourselves from medicinal products and supplements that are fake or have harmful ingredients in it.

1. It is important to know the ingredients of any medicine or supplement you’re buying. If there’s something you don’t understand in the ingredients section or on the label, it’s better to NOT BUY IT.

2. Online shops are good businesses but some of them sell products that are harmful for the health. There have been a lot of slimming products and beauty capsules being sold at a cheaper price in online stores, but the reputation of these products are questionable.

3. Know the difference between what’s fake and what’s original. There are companies who show the difference between their original product and the replica. Do your research and don’t buy what seems to be fake.

4. Any medicine or supplement is supposed to help your health. If it looks like it will harm you, if it promises “to good to be true” claims, then think again.

5. Always buy products from reputable drug stores.

All these are not rocket science and very easy to do, do not be careless because your health is on the line especially if you patronize products that are harmful. Right now, it is a known issue that the FDA is still working on putting down the drug stores and online shops that may carry harmful products. But as long as it is present, be vigilant.

If anyone knows or suspects that a product: medicine or supplement is deemed fake and illegal, contact the authorities and report your concern.

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