Tuesday, October 4, 2016

No to Illegal Slimming Products

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Since the 90’s, the government has been struggling to fight illegal slimming products that may contain harmful substances to one’s health such as amphetamine and sibutramine. The products that contain these ingredients may be effective not because that’s what it was meant to do but because of the underlying effects. These substances raise the blood pressure, causes damage to different organs most especially the kidney and liver. It also brings down the strength of the immune system and can even affect the cells of the body! They say it is effective, but IT IS ONLY EFFECTIVE BECAUSE IT MAKES YOUR BODY SICK! It makes you lose weight BECAUSE YOUR BODY DOES NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY ANYMORE. Instead of patronizing these products, find something that benefits your health and provides good side effects instead of bad ones.

For someone who is desperate to lose weight quicker than usual, without exercise, without diet—these ILLEGAL slimming products promise the moon and stars! They say that when you take it you will lose about 10-20 pounds in just a week without exercising and without dieting. Sounds like a dream to many people who want to lose weight right? But this is too good to be true. There have been many instances of chronic diseases and deaths that rooted from these illegal slimming products. In the early 90s, several suffered different kinds of cancer, most of them have cancer in their organs, some suffered liver failure and some died because of cardiac arrest. Seems like a very natural case but these are the effects of illegal slimming products.

If you want to lose weight, you have to work hard for it. It doesn’t mean you have to dedicate your life to working out and exercising but it means you need a change in your lifestyle.

1. Eating properly is the most important thing. You don’t need to starve yourself just so you could shed all those weight. You just have to eat a well-balanced diet meal every day. Incorporate vegetables, fruits and healthy protein in your meals because the healthier, the better.

2. Exercise regularly. No need for extensive exercises and work outs, just a regular routine every day will do the trick. It does not only make you lose weight, it also makes your body stronger.

3. Sleeping at least 6 to 8 hours every night. With the right amount of rest and sleep, you’re allowing your body to repair what is damaged and used up. Your metabolism also revs itself up and prepares enough energy for the next day.

4. Let go of bad habits. Vices such as illegal drugs, cigarette smoking and excessive drinking can make you gain weight. It weakens your body that’s why it does not function properly.

5. Detox and cleanse regularly. This does not just promote weight loss but it also makes sure your body gets rid of toxins and wastes properly. By eating fruits and vegetables regularly, you can detox your body. There are also supplements that contain natural ingredients or certain juice drinks that aids in proper cleansing!

Always remember that the cliché HEALTH IS WEALTH is in fact something that should be taken seriously. No one deserves a bad health just because of products that are fake and illegal which contains harmful ingredients!

Having to deal with fake and ILLEGAL products is a huge problem already, what more to be encounter an irreversible damage to the health right?

The next time you want to purchase something, make sure you do it at a reputable drug store or supermarket.

If anyone knows or suspects that a product: medicine or supplement is deemed fake and illegal, contact the authorities and report your concern.

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