Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Our Awesome VIP Helicopter Ride with PhilJets

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Less than 10 minutes from Makati to Pasay city? 

That's our travel time from the rooftop of the Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati to the hangar of PhilJets in Pasay City. That was not even the fastest time possible since the pilot sort of toured us along the scenic route where we passed by popular landmark establishments like the Mall of Asia complex and other hotels along the path towards our target destination.

Now, that's not an achievable travel time if you're going to take the roads via any means of transportation especially with the traffic congestion of Metro Manila. It might be possible via motorbike, but you have to be quite a rider to pass through our streets aside from being exposed to the elements like pollution and weather (both from the scorching heat of the sun and the unpredictable rain and floods). Furthermore, you may not be of your very best appearance, and smell, after struggling among the many vehicles that fill the long stretch of EDSA and other inner streets. 

For many businessmen and Very Important Persons (VIPs), time could literally be gold. Every second counts for each moment could mean landing a huge deal or losing an investment opportunity. They need to be from point A to point B ASAP to meet with important partners, clients, investors, etc., to do their business deals. Thus, money spent now may not really matter for the return could be more than a thousandfold. 

This is why those who could afford would not miss out on getting the services of a helicopter transport provider such as PhilJets. It's the fastest and most convenient way to travel! So until we have invented the flying cars just like what the Back to the Future movie showed us as their prediction of the future, these businessmen will settle for a helicopter ride to get to their destination safe and feeling fresh.

Nothing beats riding a helicopter like a VIP. You could also get to feel like a high-profile politician or celebrity. Honestly, I could never afford to ride one on my own, so it was a great opportunity to be among the very first bloggers to get an invite for the PhilJets helicopter ride.

I thought the ride was extremely short for me since I was surprised we already arrived at our destination when I was still trying to figure out my video angles. 

There were 7 of us inside the helicopter, including the pilot and co-pilot, so that means the helicopter could take in 5 more passengers. It could also take in 6 passengers for shorter rides because the co-pilot is only necessary when the trip will be a bit longer.

Estimated amount to save to experience something similar? Get ready to produce a little around Php 100K as payment for a maximum of 1-hour ride. Anything less than an hour is still at the same price. Longer would mean extra payment of course.

Is the helicopter ride worth the said amount? t is if you are among the extremely affluent like our top businessmen who deals with millions of pesos, or even dollars, of transactions. For these kind of guys, the helicopter ride provides speed, safety and convenience that you won't get if you travel by road. Traveling by air remains their very best option to reach any destination where a helicopter could land. 

Get to see lots of videos I uploaded at our YouTube channel at including the interview with our pilot from PhilJets. Most of the GoPro video shots are already uploaded so you could at least get an idea how it would feel like riding a helicopter.

Maybe next time I would sit next to the pilot. It was too late for me to notice there were three seats infront where I could have gotten a front view of the ride, and maybe learn how the pilot operates the helicopter.

More photos can also be found at our official Facebook page at

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