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Beauty Products Containing Harmful Substances

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The cosmetics industry has had this issue for years now and there are even a lot of groups and movements that protested against beauty products containing harmful substances that pose serious threats to human health. Beauty supplements are not spared from this! There have been reports that some beauty enhancing supplements and products contain harmful substances such as lead and mercury! It is very alarming to know that some stores even tolerate the sale of these products knowing very well that it will cause bad effects and even irreversible damage to one’s health! These harmful substances are bad for the heart, liver and kidney. It can even infect the blood in our body and we can catch serious diseases just because these products exist.

There are products that contain Mercury because it may promote a lighter skin but if the mercury level content exceeds, adverse damage to health occurs. These effects are as follows:

1. Kidney damage
2. Recurring skin rashes
3. Skin discoloration
4. Scarring of the skin
5. Skin is more prone to bacteria and fungi.
6. Severe gastroenteritis
7. Burning mouth pain
8. Abdominal pain
9. Vomiting
10. Colitis

It could also affect the nervous system and mental health because too much exposure to mercury can escalate anxiety, depression and psychosis, peripheral neuropathy. What you may think is an innocent looking product that promises “beauty” may actually result to huge health damage—not just physical and aesthetical damage but also health damage all-over!

This has been going on since the 70’s and had been a continuous health concern up to this day. What is FDA doing and what are the manufacturers thinking while making these HARMFUL products? This is a public concern that should be addressed. Always be vigilant and know what good and what’s bad for you.

If anyone knows or suspects that a product: medicine or supplement is deemed fake, illegal and harmful contact the authorities and report your concern.

Here’s a list of beauty products that have been banned since 2012:

1. Aichun Beauty (Aloe Vera) Cream
2. Aichun Beauty (with Green Tea Essence) cream
3. Aichun Beauty Anti-Freckle Cream Suit (VC)
4. Aichun Beauty Paw Paw Fade Out Cream
5. Aichun Beauty Paw Paw Whitening and Freckle Remover Series (Facial Cleanser with Cream)
6. Aichun Beauty Strongly Whitening Freckle Series (3 in 1) - (Facial Cleanser with Day and Night Cream)
7. Aichun Beauty Green Tea Whitening Speckle Removing Series Cream
8. Aichun Beauty Whitening Freckle Day and Night Cream
9. Ailke Perfect Salvation Rosy Whitening A and B Cream
10. Bai Li Tou Hong Cream
11. Berglotus Spot Removing Series
12. Beauty Excellent Lamb Placenta Whitening and Anti-Aging Cream
13. Beautiful Dream Whitening Anti-Speckle and Anti-Acne Kit
14. Beauty Girl Double White Collagen Elastin Whitening Night Cream/Double White SPF17AP++Whitening Day Cream
15. Beauty Girl 6 Days Specific Eliminating Freckle Whitening Cream Egg White & Tomato 3in1
16. Beauty Girl Papaya & Hawthorn Essence (10 Double Whitening Speckles Removed Essence)
17. Beauty Girl Ginseng & Green Cucumber (10 Double Whitening Speckles Removed)
18. Beauty Girl Essence Aloe Pearl (10 Double Whitening Speckles Removed Essence)
19. Beauty Girl Olive and Sheep Essence (10 Double Whitening Speckles Removed Essence)
20. BIB Day Cream Whitening Cream -921
21. BIB Night Cream Whtening Cream -922
22. Daggett and Ramsdell Underarm Lightening Cream
23. Doctor Bai Skin Revitalizing Skin Brightening (Doctor Bai Intensive White Revitalizing & Speckle Removing Set)
24. Feique Cream
25. Feique Golden Aloe Whitening (Anti-Scar, Anti-Freckle) Cream
26. Feique Green Tea Vital Whitening Freckle-Removing Cream
27. Gemli Glutathione Hydrolyzed Collagen Whitening & Anti-Aging
28. Glutathione Grapeseed Extract Whitening & Anti-Aging
29. Lanmeirou 12 Days Whiten & Speckle Removing Suit
30. Liliki Whitening Day Cream - 911
31. Liliki Whitening Night Cream - 912
32. Long Dian Tu Glutathione and Pearl Natural Whitening Essence Cream
33. Jiaoli Miraculous Cream
34. Jiaoli Huichusu Special Cut Genuine Cream
35. Jiao Li 10-Days Eliminating Freckle Day & Night Set
36. Jiao Liang 7 Days Eliminating Freckle AB Set
37. Jiao Liang 10 Days Eliminating Freckle AB Set
38. Jiao Li 7-Days Eliminating Freckle AB Set
39. Jiao 2+17 Days Clearing Facial Spot Suits
40. Jiaoli Huichusu Whitening Speckles Removal Cream
41. Jiaoli Rejuvenation Essence 10 Days Speckle Removing
42. Jiao Liang Miraculous Cream
43. Jiao Mei Miraculous Cream
44. Jiao Yan Specific Miraculous Cream
45. Jonathan Clearing Facial Spots 12 Day Cream
46. JJJ (Golden Package) Magic Spots Removing Cream (Spots Removing Super)
47. Loreial Paris Anti-Freckle Cream Suit
48. Maidaifu Herbal Moisturizing Cream Wrinkles Harmonie Cream
49. Miss Beauty Magic Cream
50. Miss Beauty Excellent Therapy Whitening Cream
51. New Miss Beauty Magic Cream
52. Oseur O Mei Su Pearl Paste
53. Pan Yu 7-Day Whitening Speckle-Removing Series Whitening Cream
54. Pretty Girl 10 Day Special Cream
55. Pretty Girl Green Cucumber & Ginseng Cream
56. Pretty Model Whitening & Freckle Removing (Day Cream & Night Cream Set)
57. Qiang Li Zeng Bai Qu Ban Wang Whitening Cream
58. Sara Glutathione Sheep Placenta Whitening and Anti-Spot Cream
59. Shengli Day & Night Cream
60. Special Cream (labeled in Chinese characters), 1 jar
61. Special Cream (labeled in Chinese characters), set of 2 jars
62. St. Dalfour Beauty Whitening Cream
63. S'Zitang Cream
64. The Flower Woman 7-Day Whitening and Spot and Night Set Cream
65. Xin Jiao Li 7-Days Specific Eliminating Freckle Cream
66. Xin Jiao Liang 7-Days Miracle Package for Spots Refining
67. Yoko Whitening Cream (Aloe Vera Extract)
68. Yoko Gentleman Cream for Men
69. Youngrace Age Defying Essence
70. Yudantang Ginseng and Ganoderma Lucidum 6 Days Specific Eliminating Freckle Whitening Sun Block Cream
71. Yudantang Green Cucumber and Ginseng 6 Days Specific Eliminating Freckle Whitening Cream

If you are still seeing products that are being sold to the public which is included in this list, let the authorities know immediately.

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