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Where Do Broken Hearts Go? And How To Fix Them?

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Have a broken heart? These words may be familiar isn’t? Especially for teenagers aged 20 years and above who never established a serious relationship. You feel heartbroken when everything seems to stop, and every second keeps passing by. Every inch of the heart feels so empty, even though I am among a big crowd of people. Loneliness is the only thing you can feel.

In fact, the usual sweet smile that graced the face will be destroyed and taken away as if thousands of dementors in Harry Potter has come and seized all the happiness I have ever felt.

Brain or Heart

Although it is called a broken heart, but keep in mind that a broken heart is a term that describes how sick a person’s heart is, as if the heart had been broken and shattered.

The brain is the main character of their heartbreak.

How is this?

According to Naomi Eisenberger, a professor at the University of California in Los Angeles, the pain comes from our own minds. When a person falls in love, a part of our brain called the Anterior Cingulate Cortex (ACC) is flooded with neurochemicals – dopamine and oxytocin. Sounds very scientific? In simple terms, these neurochemicals produced will give a sense of joy and happiness. Referring to science, love is more than opiate drugs.

When someone is feeling broken hearted, all chemical substances produced during in love will evaporate and leaves us the hormones that cause us to feel stress. Hence, the sense of stress eventually makes the heart ache.

The pain can be likened to 1000 times more powerful than a toothache.

Do not let a broken heart master ourselves

I know it feels heartbroken because it cannot be denied that I too had been in that stage. Crying yourself to sleep, no appetite for food and not even in the mood to meet anyone. I also know how difficult it is to repair a broken heart. But remember, the world is not over just because you’re heartbroken, not once, twice or many times.

After all the heartache, you have to rise from adversity.

There is a syndrome called Takotsubu Cardiomyopathy (TC) or more commonly known as broken heart syndrome. According to a cardiologist, Dr. Lawrence Weinstein of Bethesda Memorial Hospital’s Chest Pain / Heart Failure Centre, this syndrome has similarities with a heart attack. The difference is that there isn’t anything that closes the source of blood to the heart in your arteries.

So, what are the best “medicine” for treating a broken heart?

1. Eat chocolate and listen to music
Forced to eat when you were not hungry at all? When experiencing a broken heart, many are forced to perform a routine called meal, only to survive without really enjoying the food that goes into your mouth. It’s good to try eating dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate contains compounds called Andamines which can improve your mood. While eating dark chocolate, you can also listen to music. Quoted from professor Kay Norton, Ph.D. from Arizona State University, music can help you go through emotional times. Even the sad songs you listen are able to help you feel better the next day.

2. Visit cool places

If eating dark chocolate and listening to music is not enough to cure a broken heart, now is the time you start traveling. A study showed that traveling is one of the best medicine for a broken heart.

When traveling, you will be spared from the daily routine and can also see a variety of unique things that you have never seen before.

What are you waiting for? Grab a backpack or briefcase, go places you want to visit and have fun. Who knows “The Right One” is there waiting for you?

3. Retail therapy

Retail therapy is a method to feel better by shopping. Expensive? This is certainly not nonsense and has been proven by research.

According to a study conducted by TNS Global, as much as 64% of women and 40% of men in the United States acknowledges that retail therapy can make them feel better in terms of mood.

4. Conduct “me time”

How long have you not given yourself some “Me Time”? Do not let your broken heart forget about how precious you are. A little “me time” like a cream bath in the salon, doing manicure or pedicure, exercise, having a walk alone in the city park while enjoying the greens can certainly make you feel better.

There is no harm once a month rewarding your accomplishments on how strong you are surviving despite suffering a bad heartbreak.

5. Accept the pain

It is a nightmare to get your heart broken by someone. Some are reluctant or unable to move on with life. According to Paul McKenna and Dr, Hugh Willbourn in his book entitled “How to Mend a Broken Heart”, one way to cure it is to accept the pain. This will make you stronger and certainly be more matured in your next relationship.

In conclusion, any painful heartbreak you feel, do believe that time will heal all wounds in your heart. Continue striving forward with an open heart and believe that someday, someone will wipe your tears away.

Contributed by Davin Chuah

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