Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ray-Ban Launches #ItTakesCourage Global Campaign

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Our home was once filled with shades or sunglasses during my childhood days. This was because my father's favorite eye-wear was the Ray-Ban brand. 

His weekend hobby was hunting for birds and reptiles, both big and small, at different parts of the country. The small birds he would collect inside our freezer for later consumption during drinking binges with his friends, while the big ones he brings to a taxidermist so he could have trophies from his trips. 

During these weekend hunting trips, he would always wear his favorite Ray-Ban eyeglasses. He had so many models but since I was still too young to remember or care, I wouldn't know their names. The sunglasses were also too big for me to wear, though I remember wearing them every time I see them on top of shelves or tables.

Needless to say, Ray-Ban was his favorite brand. I am just disappointed that he had to leave us so soon. But he's in a btter place right now and probably still wearing ray-Ban while hunting for angels in heaven. Lol!

I must say that these shades or sunglasses truly brings out the best in everybody. Aside from looking cool and good, it indeed levels up our courage to the maximum. How? Because looking good eventually makes us feel good. Our attire becomes a lot more cooler when we match it with excellent shades.

Thus, I was deeply excited when I got an invite to attend a Ray-Ban event on August 16, 2016. It definitely brought back memories. The moment I stepped inside at the Vinyl on Vinyl venue, I was amazed at how they made the venue look like a historical adventure highlighting the past involving Ray-Ban. There were a lot of Ray-Ban eye wear on display, and along with them are facts for learning.

The event also had entertainment via Ely Buendia and the Pupil band. The lead singer is another iconic figure even before he was still with the Eraserheads band. They were the leading band during their epic days when almost everyone was seemingly setting up bands and singing aloud to their hearts' content. 

Too bad I didn't stay on to listen to 6 Cycle Mind. Their music is also reminiscent of how music during the old days kept us awake during cram nights studying for exams the following day.

Also part of the entertainment are tattoo artists which will provide free 2x2 designs to selected attendees with the courage to have their bodies desecrated. Lol.

Your other option is to head on over to Tokwa Penaflorida and open up your heart to him. He does caricature with a style that will definitely make you look twice or thrice.

You can also hang around the bar to drink all the cocktails and beers they would serve, plus wait for the food servers who go around with finger foods.

Eventhough there are cheap sunglasses for sale at sidewalks, they do not really match the durability and craftsmanship of quality Ray-Ban eye wear. There is truth in the saying that "you'll get what you pay for" so always bear in mind to patronize the original that will last a lifetime rather than imitations that may actually make you spend more because they break down easily.

To get to know more about the campaign, below is the official press release of Ray-Ban during their #ItTakesCourage campaign launch:

Courage isn’t just about having the guts to jump out of a plane, get on stage, or down on one knee. Being courageous is owning that moment and accepting yourself for who you are, warts and all. Remember learning to ride a bike? The fear when you thought you could fall, and then you didn’t? Yeah. That.

Through the years and despite the trends, Ray-Ban has stood the test of time by remaining true to its original designs. From its long-running Never Hide campaign that launched in March 2007, the brand refocuses back to its roots supporting the youth culture in its latest campaign entitled #ItTakesCourage. Discover the six courageous acts that inspire and encourage all kinds of courage.

Open Your Heart

Take that leap of faith in the name of love. Whether it is with a lover, a sibling, or a complete stranger, Ray-Ban wants you to Open Your Heart. Sometimes it’s more important to reveal who you really are. You might get surprised what you’ll get in return.

Fight Perfection

The courage to reject society’s stereotypes and be happy being you: Ray-Ban is now telling you to Fight Perfection. In this society where we all feel the pressure to achieve perfection, knock out false expectations. #ItTakesCourage to fight perfection and embrace the real you.

Face Critics

Ray-Ban believes it takes courage to Face Critics; to do what you love despite knowing you are going to be judged for it. Life’s too short to take criticism seriously. Stand up, be proud, and don’t let fear of judgement hold you back.

Push Yourself

Despite all the warnings, a runner continues to break through her barriers – keep on going even if so many signs seem to tell to you quit. Believe in the courage to power on in pursuit of dreams big and small. #ItTakesCourage to Push Yourself.

Start New

Start New: The courage to leave the past as past and move forward to a brighter future ahead. Don’t let any baggage get in the way of a new chapter in your life.


It takes courage to ditch the screen and truly connect in the real world, where you meet real people with real feelings. Ray-Ban® wants you to Unplug and experience life outside the digital world.

Ray-Ban is distributed in the Philippines by Branded Lifestyle Inc., which represents the largest and finest global eyewear brands in the country today. Since the 1980s, the company has been involved in the retail and distribution of prestige and luxury eyewear brands in the market. Its distribution network spans the entire archipelago, with over 200 retail doors and counting.

Eye Society is the retail arm and luxury boutique of Branded Lifestyle Inc. It is the country's first luxury eyewear boutique that takes optical services to more luxurious heights. Eye Society redefines the standards of eyewear boutiques by being visionaries of style, and providing a unique retail experience that's high-end in both ambiance and service.

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