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Raffy Tima: Catcalling My Wife Is Wrong In So Many Levels

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"I expected that from a Mayor Duterte. I know his reputation well enough not to be shocked by it, but that does not make it right. For someone who espouses leadership by example, catcalling anyone in a press conference with all cameras trained on him defies logic. Then again, that's Mayor Duterte.

What appalled me even more was how some people in the room reacted. Most laughed, others made teasing noise and basically urged the mayor to dish some more! And he did. I do hope none of them were journalists because if they were, shame on them.
When you see or hear anyone say something wrong you do not encourage it, you do the opposite. Or in that particular instance at least, they should have kept quite and in their silence gave the message that what the mayor did was wrong.

Some jokes are funny and should be laughed at... but disrespecting women is definitely not one of them." - Raffy Tima
I empathize with Raffy Tima for the reactions of the rabid followers of these president but what is most disgusting is his embarrassing behavior which isn't befitting a president. I hope somebody from his team can or teach him manners.

Here's a husband simply protecting his wife from catcalling and now he's called biased and a "yellow supporter" and being told that it's just a joke?

There is nothing wrong with appreciating beauty but catcalling amidst a crowd is a form of harassment. Sadly, the people elected an obviously sexist president. I'm scared of what will happen now because if he can get away with it, what more a random street harasser.

Don't try to defend Digong with pathetic reasoning toward this insult. I refuse to accept the reason that just because that's the way he is, that he won't make an effort to change. This penchant for whatever brand of "mischief" this may be called later is not good.

I think this will be the routine.... Duterte will say something really offensive... Most will explain why it is bad so the young will not follow him. Then His diehard supporters will defend him to death... We will endlessly comment till the next really offensive, pathetic, insulting, statement comes along... Then it starts all over again!

Catcalling issue against President-elect Rodrigo Duterte who does not respect women and simply thinks of them as nothing more but as sex "thingies."

"Unahan ko na ang mga Duterte apologists: 
1. Joke lang yan, sensitive talaga kayo
2. Taken out of context yan, biased talaga media
3. Eh sa maganda naman talaga eh, sign of appreciation yun
4. Bakit? Presidente ba kayo? Kayo na Lang maging Presidente, puro kayo reklamo! 
And to all his fans, let me point you to the Davao Women's code which Duterte signed: 
Other forms of sexual harassment: "Cursing, whistling, or calling a woman in public with words having dirty connotations or implications which tend to ridicule, humiliate, or embarrass the woman such as p*ta,boring, peste, etc. (Chapter 2, article 1, Sec. 8 of the Women Development Code of Davao City)"

Ginusto ba natin ang isang katulad niya? True enough, change is really coming , and too bad it won't be the change we expected.

I wasn't surprise with this news. Imagine, he's not formally occupying his post but there are lots of negative comments already. I really pity those people who believe that Change is Coming during his term.

As a leader, you are not required to change yourself, but you are required to act professionally most especially when you are talking to respectable people. What Duterte did can't be justified by the overused "Eh kasi ganyan talaga sya." Duterte should make a public apology. As I watched Ms. Mariz, I can see that she was obviously offended by the act. But she kept her cool. She was firmed in getting the answer to her question.

It's his "God-given mouth" according to him...nobody can control it so let's just bear with it for 6 years...if he will last for 6 years. The reason why many love this fucktard and tolerate his shenanigans is because they see themselves in him plain and simple. They are awed by his courage to bring out his bad side which they can't.

The Philippines is not his exclusive subdivision of his Davao "home-country". Neither are Filipinos his pawns. He is not in his comfort of his villa each time he poses in front of cameras. He is Rodrigo Duterte. He is just the newly-elected president of the country. He may act in his own way; behave the way he wants and talk shits randomly to anybody. He just don't care. We chose him. Then, should we dance his tune?

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