Tuesday, May 31, 2016

10 Interesting Things You Can Find Only In Online Shopping

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There is an ever expanding list of insane stuff you can buy online today. If you’re looking for something interesting, yet unique, you’re at the right place.

Internet has revolutionized the human society. Online shopping is one of the endeavors of internet. It has transformed the whole concept of shopping. You may find products on the internet for shopping, as far as your imagination can go. Regardless of whether the products are ludicrous or interesting, these are possible to buy through virtual shopping.

Online shopping at gives you the opportunity to look for some of the awesome stuff that cannot be found in any departmental stores. These are products that may be odd to buy and constitute a very small share of sales, but are still available for customers who are in search of unique, yet exclusive products.

Here’s the list of the products you’ll only be able to shop online. 

1. Meat-Shredding Claws

These are the claws that can shred any type of cooked or raw meat. These also act as forks to cut the cooked meat before serving. These can also be used to toss the salads. These paws allow you to carve or lift the hot food as well. 

2. Keyboard Cleaning Gel

This is a gel that scrubs and cleans the keys and the spaces between them on a keyboard. The gel absorbs the dust and dirt present in the cavities, without requiring much effort. Simply put the gel and then pull it after cleaning.

3. Doughnut Warming Mugs

These are specialized mugs which have a shelf at the top to keep the doughnuts warm. The heat of the liquid will warm the doughnut. This 2-in1 mug is a coffee mug as well as a doughnut warmer.

4. Retractable Bristle Brush

This brush can be used as a round brush, without worrying about the tangles. Available at Kaymu, these brushes can be used to add volume to your hair when blow-drying or creating curls. These brushes are easy to use and clean.

5. LED Ropes

These can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you want to decorate your house or go for camping, LED rope lights are ideal to use in the dark. These lights are available in an array of colours.

6. Waterproof Socks

There are socks made of advanced technology that are waterproof. They have three layer construction to avoid abrasion. These socks are breathable and comfortable. These are available for both men and women.

7. Forensic Spray 

These are traceable sprays that can be used for investigating crime scenes. The spray is easy to prepare and use. It is prepared in special labs to detect prints.

8. Wi-Fi Photo Frames

Connecting the frames through Wi-Fi, you can easily share your photos all over the world. You can also easily upload the photos digitally. These can be available in a variety at Lazada.

9. Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

These keyboards are ideal for travelling. They can be easily folded and become more compact. You can connect them to tablets or other devices through Bluetooth connectivity. 

10. Glowing Hair Gel

There are hair gels with temporary hair colours that glow only in the dark. The self-illuminating effect lasts for 6-8 hours and can be removed by washing with a shampoo.

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