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Burger King 4-Cheesiest Messiest Face-Off with Sam YG and Joyce Pring

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Last June 17, 2016, Burger King branch in Connecticut, Greenhills just held it’s cheesiest, messiest event yet. I’m talking about the 4-Cheesiest Messiest Face-Off between the two fellow Magic 89.9 radio jocks, host, tv personalities (and possible couple?), Sam YG and Joyce Pring. I should also mention that this event also serves as Burger King’s way of welcoming Joyce as their newest Ambassador.

The whole face-off has this boxing themed aesthetic to it, complete with the boxing ring, gorgeous round girls, and as well as our two stars wearing boxing gear.

Like any other boxing event, the show started with an “undercard” event. In the undercard, Burger King has invited the bloggers that were present to participate. It’s basically a burger eating contest with a twist. The participants must eat the burger within 2 minutes. Instead of using your hands however, the participant must eat the whole thing using chopsticks. The first one to finish the whole burger within the time limit wins. Being the bibo kid that I am, I also joined the contest and was also the one to win the contest.

After that very stuffed contest, the program then proceeded to the main event which is Team Joyce and Team Sam’s Cheesiest Face-Off. One by One, they immediately went to the ring looking very prepared and confident for this upcoming battle.

After they both entered the ring, the mechanics were then explained. Just like the name of the featured burger, there will be 4 events that Joyce and Sam will participate. The person with the most points wins. In the event that there will be a tie, there will  be a tie breaker match.

Round 1 : Stretch - O - War

In Stretch - O - War, both Sam and Joyce are covered with a stretchable “cheese” cloth. There are burgers stationed at both sides. They will then engage in a tug of war and whoever gets to eat the burger first wins.

Winner : Sam

Round 2 : Sticky Mess

In this round, they will both wear velcro jackets and will dive into an inflatable pool full of balloons and “cheese” post-its. They will then dive into the inflatable and try to get as many cheese post-its to stick onto their jacket. The person with the most post-its wins.

Winner : Joyce

Round 3: Drip Trip

In this round, they will both wear hard hats with a huge needle on top. Above them are balloons. The goal of this game is for them to pop the balloon which contains a cheese sauce. The first person to pop the said balloon wins this round.

Winner : Sam

Round 4: Hole Hunt

For the final round, a huge cheese wall was presented in front of them with holes in it. Inside the holes are food items that they must pull out. The goal is to pull out 4 burgers that were hidden inside these holes. The first person to find all 4 burgers win

Winner : Joyce

Tiebreaker: 4 Cheese Whopper Eating Contest

Due to the competitiveness of the two contestants, they reached the tiebreaker round. It’s a simple burger eating contest. The first person to finish the 4 Cheese Whopper wins the contest.

Winner : Joyce

And just like that, Joyce wins the whole Face-Off! Congratulations to her for winning and welcome again for being the newest ambassador of Burger King. The audience also got to try out the 4 Cheese Whopper towards the end of the event. I really had fun in the whole face-off and had lots of laughs as well thanks to Sam and Joyce being energetic, quirky and most of all, being cheesy. For those who wants to try out the 4 Cheese Whopper, it’s available on all Burger King Outlets Nationwide.

Contributed by Lloyd Kevin Urbino

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