Friday, March 4, 2016

Stand Out By Making Your Online Presence Strongly Felt

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A lot of businesses have eagerly opened but quickly closed down, disappeared or kept changing their business models because they couldn’t gain enough customers to sustain their operations. Those who have the perseverance to survive remained small even though they have been around for years. Some have just continued to run their businesses which were passed down to them as the next generation of the family but never really gained any considerable revenue. However, a great number of businesses have eventually died because their market reach eventually dwindled down to almost zero.

Running a successful business is mostly about generating acceptable revenue through solid marketing and stellar customer service. Though we all know that it sometimes take “being at the right place, at the right time,“ and knowing the right people to get lucky breaks and astounding deals, those instances don't really happen every day if we don’t exert extra effort in achieving our business goals.

Many promising businesses often fail because they lacked the much-needed branding and identity that would set them apart or make them a level higher from the others. It has always been evident that businesses need to make their presence strongly felt and make a significant influence to the market they are trying to reach. These efforts of reaching out to our target market must now include the use of technology, the Internet and social media.
If we really mean business, make sure we reach our full potential by incorporating online presence and digital influence or market reach. We can do all of these by having well-organized, perfectly-timed and strategic methods that could mean more active engagement and collaboration opportunities for our businesses.

It is always a good investment to hire the right people who have the knowledge to focus on the business’ online presence and engagement. Reaching out online is now considered both an art and a science since it is never an easy task to attract a significant amount of attention when all the rest are doing the same. You need to shine brighter from all the rest who are equally trying to make their brand an industry leader. You need to keep the people interested so they would keep coming back to support your brand. You need to keep people informed and provided with technically-justifiable solutions when they seek answers to their inquiries. You need to be sensitive and emotionally balanced to understand the feelings of your customers. It’s all about knowing your customers, and making sure your customers think of you first.

How do you make your brand a common household name? Aside from the traditional marketing schemes, make sure you have an aggressive online presence by incorporating methods that bloggers and social media experts, now called online influencers, would be able to provide. They take time and effort to know your audience, and tailor promotions in specific bursts to the correct segments.

People would also prefer to hear the opinion of others about a brand rather than hearing it directly from the brand themselves. This is the reason why online influencers have become so popularly in demand because they actively engage people by offering personal reviews and experiences through their blogs and social media networks. People read their stories when they want heart-felt and transparent opinions.

When I first established, it was only meant as a personal journal like what blogs were originally intended. But blogs have obviously evolved into more than just a tool to share experiences. Aside from sharing our ideas, it has become a means to inform, promote and offer recommendations. It never crossed my mind that my self-declared “Pambansang Blog ng Pilipinas” or “National Blog of the Philippines” would be among the popular blogs out there that are very much in demand as a media partner and ambassador of many brands and organizations from all sectors of society including colleges and universities. Companies would send invitations to us so we could help them establish their online presence. This is probably why we’ve received so many awards already recognizing us as one of the most influential blogs out there.

Overall, we should realize that no matter how great and innovative our products and services are, they would become meaningless if people are unaware of their existence. Social media is a phenomenal complement to whatever channels you're currently pursuing. It opens opportunities that wouldn't be otherwise available if you stick with traditional methods. In a world where online presence spells a huge difference, it is best not to be left out so you would competitively stand out among the rest.

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