Thursday, January 14, 2016

Should Bloggers Fight Discrimination? Do They Deserve Equal Treatment as Legit Media Practitioners?

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The statement below is highly controversial....but there is truth in it. Many would not dare to even utter a word referring to these issues because they do not want to irk the guilty parties. They are afraid to get blacklisted or banned from the list. Some would even resort to the undignified and obsequious debasement or ingratiation of oneself to another in the hope of currying favor.

The worst is that this malpractice has apparently been going on for years already, and that many has accepted the fact that it is already an undesirable culture that will forever exist in all sectors of society.

"I was surprised to learn that there are still some people who discriminate bloggers. The worst are those who ignore and do not have the decency to be sincere. I've witnessed so many blatant rigging of raffle draws during events in favor of their selected friends from trad media. 
The sad news is that the big names from top media outfits are somehow involved. Don't you find it questionable when the grand raffle prizes were won by the top media men from the top media outfits? 
Mind you, these are just the minor anomalies that are happening. The worst are when the organizers would even lie and make up crazy and unbelievable stories when you confront them with the abnormalities. They would easily just bribe you with everything possible just to cover up the irregularities. 
One of these days, I would look back at these moments and laugh at them because online media is the future, and the rest will soon be in a museum. They will resent the day they looked down on bloggers."

When event organizers want to scratch you off the list, some would just ignore you and pretend they never saw or received your SMS messages, emails or PMs... or they were too busy to reply.

For bloggers, even though there is a slim hope that your were inadvertently excluded from the media perks and privileges, the most sensible reason was that the neglect was intentional. The only respectable thing to do is let them be.... or try to find out if there are similar cases, then gang up with fellow bloggers and air your concern as a bigger voice. That's bound to make more noise rather than going through this war alone. 

We are obviously not good enough for some people. Though we may think that their idea of  promotion still lies in the traditional ways of yesteryears, we won't really have a clue until somebody, from within their ranks, squeals. We may also think they also prefer those who are submissive and would easily conspire with their ludicrous plans, but that is just us uplifting our bruised ego. We may see others remaining as the people who easily bend their will in exchange of a hefty "token" from the generous sponsors, but that may be only negativity running in our veins. There's probably someone who bad-mouthed us and ruined our reputation with them, but then again that's probably just sourgraping.

Whatever the reason for the discrimination, we must not resort to online slandering. The act of scornful denial that something is attractive or desirable because it is unobtainable ... is childish. If we are truly great enough, we can confidently overcome and surpass any so called "immoralities" against us. There would be many others who would clearly see our strengths and collaborate with us in many projects.

Thus, those who see us as inferior are merely showing how oblivious they are to the undeniable truth.

They are just wasting their efforts because no one can really make us feel so low if we are levels above them.

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