Thursday, January 14, 2016

NTC Sets Minimum Broadband Speed at 256 kbps: The Right Path to the Modern Age .. One Step Back at a Time!

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"The National Telecommunications Commission sets the minimum broadband speed at 256 kbps at least 80% of the time, or 24 days in a month, and orders internet service providers (ISPs) to reveal their average data rates per location. But subscribers say 256 kbps is a throwback to dial-up in the 90s."

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) of the Philippines plans to set the minimum speed for those advertised as mobile broadband at 256 kbps. NTC Director Edgardo Cabarios said that "Under the new circular, we will monitor ISPs if they are providing broadband services with at least 256 kbps; if not, they will be penalized."

I highly doubt that the telecom companies will be forced to step up their game with the government's implementation of these so called stricter rules on the sale of broadband services in the Philippines. You have to take note that the 256 kbps mentioned here is 256 kiloBITS per second, 256 kbps as minimum is actually 256/8 which actually means only 32 KB/s.

Good job, NTC. That is the right path to the modern age. One step back at a time! No kidding, NTC....what do you think we are? Oblivious fools?

The crazier part is they had to include a line that says "at least 80% of the time." Who the hell are these guys working at NTC. I believe my children can do better than these stupid idiots.

With the increasing adoption of 4G LTE with cheaper LTE-capable devices, what can we do with 256kbps nowadays? What's the use of our high-end devices when all we could do is check our e-mail and wait for an eternity for our social media accounts to load?

I think the morons at NTC patterned it after the free public Wi-Fi zone project that has an average of 256 kbps with FUP (Fair Usage Policy or Fuck U Philippines) -- the lowest prevailing speed requirement for ''broadband'' service."

We should operate on speeds much higher than this in order to be effective. The global average Internet connection speed is above 4 Mbps. Though the Philippines have been getting several recognition related to social media such as "the selfie capital of the world" and even a country that patronizes lengthy access to porn sites, the government should not penalize us for the acts of the masses who's only way to entertain themselves is to vain and horny. Lol!

There are still a lot of users who access the Internet for legit business and educational purposes. Bloggers are among those who depend highly on connectivity so imagine our frustrations if our Internet service provider is faulty due to intentional greed.

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