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Nyfti Bicycles: The Filipino-Made Three-Fold Bike That Will Soon Change The Way We Travel

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Not all bicycles were created equal. Some are just made from alloy so they would obviously break easily and would probably not last a lifetime especially if you're an avid biker who's out in the streets almost every day.

True-blooded bikers know which bikes are indeed satisfactory and reasonably-priced depending on a lot of factors aside from build and design. I've seen a lot of brands but most of the brands you'll see are either too expensive or cheap because the materials used are inferior.

Who wouldn't want to ride around in a bike that would make you healthy and fit? I keep riding a bike whenever I'm in the province or inside a subdivision where there's plenty of room to bike so fast and even perform some stunts. But since the pollution and traffic situation is terrible in the actual streets of the metro, we may still have to wait a long time before it becomes a common sight in Metro Manila city roads.

It is such a shame since foldable bikes or "foldies" are now popular because of their portability. We have seen many that are even lightweight and folds so elegantly.

The good brands would cost you so much at an average of 60k, and the lowest I've seen was 9K (but this one was just made of alloy), We all know that there's a good reason why a product is cheaper than the others and that should be greatly considered by the buyer. You may want to take a closer look at your investment.

Nyfti Bicycles is a Filipino brand of three-fold bikes designed and made by Filipinos themselves. They are tried and tested in our roads and are made to last several lifetimes. They have even partnered with Bambikes, the bamboo bike creator, to come up with a sensational partially bamboo-made foldable bike.

There really is no stopping the creativity of these startups who have contributed to the emergence of several entrepreneurial spirits within the Philippines. Many have embraced the opportunity to setup their own companies by starting with their great ideas and hoping some generous and visionary investor would soon see their worth.

I was given a long time to try out the bike by Nyfti founder Carl Mamawal. It was supposedly only for two weeks but due to conflicting schedules for return meetups, the bike was with me for almost a month, or even more. I don't remember anymore. All I remember is the fun I had with the bike. My daily mornings were so much interesting when the Nyfti came into my life.

One day when we were invited to g=have a family staycation at one of the hotels in Manila, it came to me to bring the foldable bike with us. I thought it was a great chance to have a photo ops with it infront of the monument of Jose Rizal, our country's national hero or "Pambansang Bayani ng Pilipinas."

It was quite fitting to have a photo of the "Pambansang Blogger ng Pilipinas" with the "Pambansang Bayani ng Pilipinas." It gave me goosebumps while posing for the camera for some photo and video coverage.

I took videos of me folding and unfolding the bike, plus a bike around the Luneta Park, which incidentally their security guards does not allow anyone to bike within the park. So all I did that day was tow my bike at different parts for some photo ops. I would like to thank my wife for being my photo and videographer.

As you would see from the videos, the Nyfti is cool enough to easily fold and unfold, and astonishingly great looking for a foldable. They come in other colors aside form black but of course, black would always be the most beautiful and elegant for me.

The bike was light enough to bring around even up to our room at the hotel where we had a staycation. No one even questioned me when I brought it inside the hotel. The hotel let me keep it inside our room with no obligations. Why would they, the Nyfti was classy enough to be inside their equally class hotel.

This makes the Nyfti foldable bike truly a bike you can bring anywhere. It not only let's you exercise your way to a fitter body, it also lessens pollution and traffic because you are now one vehicle less from the congested roads of Metro Manila.

Imagine what would happen if everyone bought a Nyfti. That would soon make the world a better place! Trust me on that.

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