Sunday, August 16, 2015

SM Cinema and Smart Parenting Magazine Holds Special Inside Out Movie Screening

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Inside Out, that new adorable and cute animated movie from Disney and Pixar featuring characters representing emotions, is now showing in the Philippines, and Smart Parenting magazine, together with SM Cinema and Snacktime, recognized that there's a better way to use the popularity of the movie and its characters to give some parents and their children some additional excitement, learning and joy before aside from the special movie screening.

The companies, together with other sponsors like Krispy Kreme, Bioessence, and a lot more, offered special treats for both parents and children to pamper and bring extra fun to make their Saturday movie treat more memorable.

Marylaine Louise Viernes, one of the best, brightest, wittiest and highly in-demand events hosts, took charge of passionately hosting the Inside Out movie special movie screening event. She was wearing a lovely yellow outfit that made her look so stunningly more beautiful than she ever was. She wore yellow to be in tune with one of the characters of the movie named "Joy" and oh how wonderful she looked up there on stage, and most especially up close.

Speakers like Chef Roselle Miranda of Good Housekeeping, and Master Doodler Mark Dean Lim of Color Me Doodle, were there to share their expertise to the eager audience composed mostly of young children and their parents.

450 Kaplag Manila - Laguna Pilgrimage of the Sto. Nino De Cebu

Wazzup Pilipinas!

There is an ongoing celebration of the Kaplag, or the 450th anniversary of the founding of the Sto. Nino in the Philippines. Read more about it in a separate article that we published a few days ago regarding our coverage of the press conference held at the San Agustin Church led by Father Harold Rentoria and the Augustinian fathers.

They informed us of the happenings like masses, processions, a conference, and a fluvial parade among many others, to be done in Manila to celebrate the Kaplag which is a very important celebration for many Catholics.

Below are some information about it to better inform us hat it is all about and how significant it is for the Philippines.

KAPLAG is a Cebuano term for "finding" or "discovery". The celebration refers to the historic finding of the religious relic, the image of the Santo Niño, on April 28, 1565. The image is believed to be brought by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 as a gift to Rajah Humabon and his wife, Amihan who were converted to the Christian faith. The image was discovered by one of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi's soldiers, Juan Camus, in a partially burned hut.

The 450th Anniversary of Kaplag also commemorates the 450 years of Augustinian presence in the Philippines. Likewise, the celebration marks the 50th Anniversary of the Santo Niño Church as having been elevated to the honorific title, “Basilica Minore” – a title conferred in 1965 by Pope Paul VI through his Papal Legate Archbishop Ildebrando Cardinal Antonuitti.

Convenience in Shopping at Super8 Grocery Using BeamAndGo

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Thank you BeamAndGo for the experience of convenience in buying groceries at Super-8 Grocery Store,Ortigas Ext., My transaction was on Sunday August 9 in the morning and the text message was sent to the recipient the following day Monday August 10. Since we were both working throughout the weekdays, we claimed the online GC only today Sunday August 16 after coming from church. I'm impressed with how the Super-8 staff treated us like we were VIPs. We were actually the very first to use this Internet transaction at their branch.

What exactly is BeamAndGo?

I've posted an initial article about what exactly it is and how it greatly helps avoid remittances being misspent on other stuff. You may want to read it first by clicking on the link. BeamAndGo allows the sender to send a recipient an online GC using the service. A code will be sent through the recipient's mobile phone in the form of 3 Short Messaging System (SMS) text messages that they can show at certain partner establishments to easily claim the service.

The best example is this experience of ours when we tried the convenient facility at Super8 Grocery Warehouse located at Ortigas Extension. We got a hold of a voucher when a co-founder of Beam And Go gave us the opportunity to use their system. He was one of our guests at the Vigattin Radio show of Radyo Inquirer aired every Saturday from 10 to 11 am where I co-anchor with Elison Barcelo and Arne Barcelo. Even before the show started that day, he already handed over a voucher and encouraged me to try it out. He also gave some more to our other guests in the show so they too can experience what BeamAndGo is all about.

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