Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Boodle Fight at Sebay Surf Resort of La Union

Wazzup Pilipinas!

A "boodle fight" type of lunch or dinner, whether it's laid out on banana leaves, or any kind of  layout, as in our case - something like a decorated bamboo tray filled with various viands along with the rice, soups and sauces, always adds that extra excitement for everyone that's partaking the meal.

The thought of sharing the festive meal with friends, colleagues, relatives or even total strangers, always brings out a smile in everyone's faces as they dig into the different dishes served in a seemingly big plate composed of an assortment of seafood, meat and vegetables.

The dining experience becomes even better when everyone is really hungry (like coming from a long trip so we can cover the 10th La Union Surfing Break). We just came from a five hour travel from Makati to San Juan, La Union specifically at Urbiztondo where our temporary home, Sebay Surf Resort, is located. This is also where most of our meals will be served.

Sometimes even if you're not that hungry, the sight of the boodle meals turns everyone into seemingly starving lunatics as they even eat with their bare hands. You do have the option to still use utensils as many of us did since it's our very first time to meet, but eventually if you give us more time and opportunities to do the same, we should soon be comfortable using our hands.

It helps a lot keeping the spoon, fork and knife (or maybe chop sticks) aside to make the experience complete as the traditional boodle fight really requires you to use your hands instead of utensils. There is something that turns the food into amazingly much more tasty dishes when hands can feel the texture of the food. We have to remember that all senses should be used to really appreciate everything around us including our daily eating. Being able to use sight, sound, smell, taste and touch brings out a better dining experience. A boodle fight gives you the opportunity to hold the food with your hands.

Though many would say it is not hygienic to eat with our bare hands as compared to using the ever reliable stable utensils, the feeling of sharing the food with others offer more than just a satisfied tummy. If people pay for the ambiance of a restaurant, they should also consider Since no matter how much hand washing you do, there would always be specs of particles that would remain to dilute the cleanliness of our food when touched. You just need to wash your hands thoroughly before eating so that majority of the germs or bacteria would be removed by the soap and water.

The meals served on the decorative boodle fight bamboo tray were satisfactory. Every single piece of viand disappeared since we were really hungry from the trip. There were also traditional clay pots where they served the soup or broth-based dishes. Clay pots are traditional kitchen pots that were used by our folks during the early days when food is cooked with wood rather than electricity or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

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  1. I miss the boodle fight with my family. Being an ofw for so long, I want to return to my old job as Custom broker and go home for good.


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