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Building Bonds, Building Brands: A Certified Professional Manager (CPM) Networking Night

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In an effort to introduce their Certified Professional Manager (CPM) Mini-MBA Program to the Philippines, DMKompass, Inc. (formerly known as DM Competitive Advantage, Inc.) invited us to
 celebrate the formal launch of Building Bonds, Building Brands: A Certified Professional Manager (CPM) Networking Night" on September 23, 2015, 6 to 9 pm at the Lucia Ristorante restaurant located inside Hotel Celeste, Makati Avenue corner Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City. 

Ms. Suzan Bigay, CEO of DM Kompass, was there to talk about the CPM program including the schedule and cost.

Attendees were initially treated to a filling pica-pica served by Lucia Ristorante of Hotel Celeste. We tried only a few bites since we were still full from an earlier event held at Rockwell which was also in Makati. The small gathering was an invite-only event that was for potential customers and the alumni of the CPM program. Among the alumni is Ms. Dina Loomis, who is also a book author who promoted her book titled "Beyond Looking Good" during the DM Kompass CPM Networking Night.

In the spirit of continuous learning from experts and colleagues, Grupo Agatep Managing Director and Chief Creative Officer Norman Agatep also gave a short talk on How To Build Brands Through Public Relations and Storytelling." Mr. Agatep actually talked about six (6) ways to tell the story of your brand and he gave real life examples based on companies who actually used the storytelling methods.

Mr. Agatep is the current president of the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP). In 2014, he was the president of the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies (4As). Grupo Agatep, formerly known as Havas PR Agatep, Havas Worldwide Manila, and Agatep Associates, is one of the largest PR and Advertising agencies in the country.
According to Norman Agatep, the six (6) new ways of storytelling are the following: 

1) Own Up - He said that the best way for a company to handle mistakes is to acknowledge their errors, apologize publicly, and take corrective action. He said that when there is the need to "own up," you can also make it part of your story since the aplogy might garner attention from the public.

2) Show You Stand for More - According to a Cause Marketing Forum, 91% of global consumers are likely to choose the brand that is associate with a good cause. Every band has to stand for more than the product it sells or the opportunity it creates for the community.

3) Exploit Your Heritage - In an over-"stuff"-ed world of conspicuous consumption, some tings stand the test of time. Brands should have soul and the proof is in their history.

4) Cast Intriguing Personalities - A compelling protagonist is the key to a good story. Contemporary branding demands well-developed characters. The best ones comes with a story that refklects both their disposition and the brand they represent.

5) Make Meaning Out of Complex Info - Consumers will be more attracted to getting useful and relatable information out of "big data" or statistics. They will congregate on ideas and stories, not on data points and spreadsheets.It's better to mention how many songs can fit in their iPods rather than mentioning the gigabytes of memory.

6) Tug Heartstrings But Tread Carefully - You may use stories that touches the emotions and sensitivities of people but be wary not to go overboard or fail to deliver as convincing enough.

Mr. Agatep did say that there are more ways to tell our story but due to the lack of time, he opted to share only six.

After the program, guests were encouraged to mingle, learn from each other, and discover new business opportunities.

Below is the full story as per their official press release:

How Storytelling Build Brands

Storytelling might be as ancient as history itself, but it is still one of the best ways to build a successful brand, according to Havas Worldwide Manila managing director and chief creative officer Norman Agatep during his lecture to management executives in Makati City. 

Agatep’s message revolved around brand building, and how a storytelling approach in advertising, public relations, and marketing communications in general can enhance a brand’s recall and reputation. “Brand building,” Agatep said, “when done correctly and consistently, allows audiences to carry positive feelings, thoughts, and visual memories of your company, product, or service.”

Most successful brands have held their own niche, allowing customers to quickly associate them with a particular segment. It is not uncommon, however, for upstarts to struggle in finding their own identity in a seemingly saturated market. This is why companies are spending millions in branding in hopes of carving a comfortable little niche that they can own. “Effective brand building gives your company, product or service the best possible chances of standing out positively in a consumer's mind amid other similar companies, products or services,” Agatep explained.

According to Agatep, companies today are confronted with the challenge of finding clever ways to engage with a highly fragmented audience. The answer, he said, lies in a deeper level of engagement with one’s customers, “equipping them with narratives that they can build on and share with others” because a company can no longer drive its brand’s story by itself. Successful brand stories require the audience’s participation, but the audience needs compelling narratives to get involved. 

Lucia Ristorante of Hotel Celeste is the venue for DM Kompass' CPM Networking Night

Knowing more about the programs while waiting for the event to start

Lucia Ristorante of Hotel Celeste served quite filling pica-pica
Sean welcomes everybody to the CPM Networking Event

Norman Agatep disccusses 6 ways to tell the stories of your brand

Special guest speaker is Norman Agatep, Managing Director and Chief Creative Officer of Havas Worldwide Manila talking about Building Brands Through Public Relations and Storytelling at the DMKompass CPM Networking Night

Sean introduces the Suzan Bigay, CEO of DM Kompass

Suzan Bigay, CEO of DM Kompass, talks about the Certified Professional Managers Mini-MBA program which will be on October 3 to November 14 for only Php 35,000

Dina Loomis giving a testimony of how effective the CPM course was at the DMKompass CPM Networking Night
Dina Loomis is also a book author and she promoted "Beyond Looking Good" during the DM Kompass CPM Networking Night
“Storytelling is the process of creating engaging narratives that ladder up to a consistent and meaningful brand personality and message, and populating those stories across available channels in a strategic way,” Agatep explained. But it is not an entirely new concept, he admitted. “Companies have created characters, tales, full-blown plots to communicate their product qualities and brand values.” The novelty lies in how brands use their merchandise in telling a memorable tale.

One of the best recent examples of brand building that used storytelling was The Lego Movie. Those who dismissed the film as nothing more than a 90-minute toy commercial missed an undeniable fact: it resonated with filmgoers, both young and old. The movie was all about the product, but Lego was able to get away with it because of a well-written story. The film appealed to young viewers and fueled a nostalgia trip among their parents, whose generation grew up with the Danish toy.

So what’s the take away? Storytelling might not be new, but there are always new ways to tell a story. According to Agatep, there are new technologies and tools that require a constant creation of content to fuel various channels. The role of managers and marketers is to harness these new media and find out how their audience can take part in their brand’s narratives. Agatep said, “Storytelling will evolve in the future as new technology and tools emerge, allowing audiences even greater control over the brand messages they view, share, and participate in.”

Agatep’s lecture was part of DMKompass’ “Building Bonds, Building Brands”, an exclusive networking event that was attended by some 50 entrepreneurs and professionals. DMKompass, a business education company, hosted the gathering to officially launch its Certified Professional Management (CPM) mini-MBA certification program in the Philippines. 

Contact Information of DM Kompass
DMKompass, Inc. is a leading training company that shares its expertise in holistic business education (mini – MBA) finance, accounting, and business tax. With our eight-year experience in organizing mini-MBA courses, we partnered with the International Federation of Professional Managers, London, UK, a global organization of 80,0000 professional managers who work in various industries all over the world. We have the sole rights to teach this program and designate the CPM title in Asia. 

For full information on DMKompass Inc., please visit

The Certified Professional Managers Mini-MBA program which will be on October 3 to November 14 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm for only Php 35,000. it is ideal for Managers, Supervisors, and Aspiring Decision Makers.

To know more about the CPM mini-MBA program, head to

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