Saturday, July 4, 2015

Media for Hire: Token or Not Token, That is the Question

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Do we really need to specify what the complimentary "token" will be for every event invite that we help organize?

Does it really matter if there's a token or not?

We once told someone that getting invited to an event, especially if it's a direct invite (and not just a plus one or a recommendation from another media) is already a privilege because that means the organizers strongly believe we have the influence to help them share the news about their products, brands or services. The token given is just a bonus. The invite is enough as a reward because not everyone gets the honor of being part of an event.

We were laughed at.

It saddens us so much that some would need to ask for the details of the token before they agree to attend an event. We don't usually ask the organizers what particular items they will give, but sometimes we are forced because some would require to be compensated handsomely.

The right to be picky and ask for a specific "talent fee" is probably just for those that already have built a name for themselves as among the widely recognized and influential. Perhaps those who already have a "handler" managing their career are somewhat entitled. Those who have attained celebrity status can possibly demand their "asking price."

However, it would be surprising to hear the same demands from those that could not even write a decent story without a press release, or from those that take forever to publish their articles, or from those whose articles are filled with grammatical errors. We cringe whenever we read their status posts itching for an editor's correction.

Of course, who doesn't want to be rewarded dearly? We all appreciate a generous treat for all our efforts, but unless we have put our service rates in black and white, it is highly unethical to look down negatively at an event just because it didn't reward us with our expected "tokens."

If an event deserves to be shared, then it should be, even though all we got in return was a free meal, or a free access to their event.

What can I say to those who wouldn't attend an event just because there may not be any worthy tokens to be given away?

What can I say to those who wouldn't write, or purposely delay their articles, because the tokens given were not at par with their standards?

What can I say to those who agreed to attend an event, but suddenly becomes unavailable because he or she attended a bigger event instead?

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