Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Afterthoughts from My Slingshot MNL Experience

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The startup community is saying that even if it's impossible, it should happen. Give them a chance to build their dream, and with the current efforts being done now, it would hopefully give them a better glimpse of the future. A future when they would soon join the ranks of legendary companies who were once startups just a few years ago, but now are big names earning big bucks out from their world-changing ideas.

Now that excellence in the academic field is no longer the main factor to consider when forecasting the future, many are realizing it is the right time to grab the opportunity. The present is filled with bright minds and passionate hearts who may one day become among the millionaires brought about by their creative ideas, especially those who develop revolutionary apps that dramatically changes our lifestyle into a more convenient and fast-paced activity.

Investors should now look into those startups engaging more with mobile and online solutions that rethink real world problems and develops applications with business-aligned opportunities. But they should also start the sparks in different places to eventually create multiple fires everywhere. I hope to hear many success stories soon especially after the Slingshot MNL event, the official startup event of APEC Philippines 2015, held last July 6 and 7, 2015 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Manila.

Startups could also start small by beginning to solve the problems within their neighborhood. Raise your first round smartly. Don't necessarily look for investors, but look for customers so eventually it would be the investors who would find you. Though we all know that startups are emotional rollercoasters, the founders should continue to be patient and hope that soon that majority of the private sector will kick in and fund their ideas. Hopefully the government has their own way to support our startup community.

Our fellow Filipinos who went to other countries in search of greener pastures should now come back home for the Philippines is now a petri dish for entrepreneurship and collaboration. We may take a look of what's happening outside and take it home with us. Our country needs and deserves you more. We are at a pivotal time at our nation's life.

For us who are here in the country, let us invite people here who may be interested to invest or collaborate. If we are not inviting anyone, no one will come. They might get a haircut when they get here, but growth is so embedded in the process that the adrenaline will soon kick in.

Startup MNL was the most interesting and highly entertaining tech/business conference I've attended so far. I had other events scheduled within those two days but I was glued to remain in attendance for the entire two days of the event - from opening to closing.

It is very rare to find a lot of brilliant minds gathered together and generously sharing their inspirations, insights, forecasts and many other experiences to an audience all aggressive enough to launch their world-changing ideas.


To remind the startups, just as how many of the speakers  advised, make your ideas mass acceptable, highly scalable, global and with a fast ROI. Whether its a social entrepreneurship, or a money-making entrepreneurship, the best would be creating something that appeals to your own interest. Also look for market opportunities based from what people are searching for. However, be aware of those that will prevent us from moving forward. Don't get lost in the trivial. The VC will mostly look at depth of impact or scale of reach.

Remember that there is a better way to tell the story of giving a fish or teaching how to catch a fish. It is best that we create a system that would revolutionize the fishing industry instead so that the benefits would be a thousand fold.

We are definitely inspired and ever so hopeful of a bright future ahead for the startup community, as well as the other communities who will eventually benefit from all of these creative innovations and collaborations. Let this be an annual event to continuously uplift entrepreneurship in our country for a really better economy.

Just as how the JFDI guy said it, "Just f*ckin' do it!"

Congratulations to all the organizers of Slingshot MNL like DTI, DOST, ICTO, Kickstart, and especially the head of IdeaSpace Philippines

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