Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Unlimited Should Be Unlimited: Slam Down These Greedy Telcos Until They Comply


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There are many times when my reputation precedes me. I no longer have to introduce myself because the majority of the people I bump into already knows me for my controversial disposition.

My belligerent and pugnacious character may not make me win the hearts of my peers but I care more about the masses instead of the select few that do not realize they are actually dealing with an eclectic visionary.

I may not be conforming with the norm because I prefer to stand out loud and proud. Fight for what is right no matter who or what I go against. No regrets! All for the sake of fairness and equality.

I am not demanding for respect because that needs to be earned by delivering concrete results that will eventually get the attention of the people who would want to kiss your ass. But I will never let them lick the poop off my butthole. I still have the decency to remain humane.

But enough is enough with these telcos that obviously takes advantage of the loopholes in the law just so they can continue to manipulate us.
As advertised, unlimited should really mean unlimited.

Papayag ba tayo na ganon-ganon na lang?

Ibalik dapat ng telcos ang nawala sa atin dahil sa pandaraya nilang ginawa mula sa kalokohang Fair Usage Policy at Unlimited or Free Internet na hindi naman pala talaga Free or Unlimited.

Wala rin dapat expiration ang mga mobile at Internet loads. Ano palagay nila sa load? Nabubulok? ...

 Dapat may kasuhan at panagutin sa panlolokong ginagawa nila sa atin.

Bigyan dapat ng leksiyon ang mga sugapa at swapang na korporasyon na pilit na pinabababa ang kalidad ng ating Internet at telekomunikasyon dahil sa makasarili at makamundong pagnanais na manatiling in control at magpakasasa sa pera.
We deserve something from the previous Fair Usage Policy implemented on our Internet subscriptions.

"Telcos should not mislead or deceive subscribers with unlimited internet packages that are eventually throttled upon reaching a certain volume of data bits. ...

Telcos have been keen on enticing subscribers with various promotional campaigns especially with unlimited deals. However, complaints arise when operators impose certain restrictions on these offers.

“While there is nothing wrong with advertisements and promotions, what is promised must be delivered,” said Secretary of Justice Leila M. De Lima. “Our laws require not only truth in advertising but also fairness in packaging and consistency in the provision of the service,” she adds.

Assistant Secretary Geronimo L. Sy, head of the DOJ-Office for Competition (OFC), said that “unlimited data is like unlimited rice or buffet concept - restaurants cannot offer an 'eat all you can' promo and when a customer eats more than the average person, to actually stop him or not to honor the commitment.”

I hope the regulating government agencies would finally man up and go against the malpractices of these greedy telcos. But it may be a hopeless case if the people that make up these agencies are the same people who work for the money and not for the country.

It is somewhat frustrating to even find out we have the slowest and most expensive Internet provision. Not surprising to later witness a reveal that it's because some of the allocated funds that could have been used to improve the infrastructure goes into the pockets of people outside the telcos.

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