Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Top Apps Every Broker Must Have

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Technology is the new usual. To cope in the ever-changing trends of the information era, here are some important and useful apps, compiled by Lamudi Philippines, that will help every licensed real estate broker secure a sale.

Google Maps

Location description, area coordinates, road landmarks, and nearby establishments can now be accurately described and shown to your clients. Thanks to the mapping system of Google, locating your target destination is just a click away.

Online Storage

Keep all documents, photos, online brochures, and all other selling parapernalias in a mobile storage that you can access anytime and anywhere. Even sharing of big files is made easy by these applications. You can choose among Dropbox, Google Drive and a myriad other cloud storage apps.

Address Book Apps
Organize your leads and effectively manage your contacts through a smart, all-around app like Contacts+. It can automatically pull contact details from your social media accounts, synchronize your contacts across different platforms such as email, cloud, or Outlook, rank the contact’s importance and reminds you of notifications for specific clients.

Conversion Tools
Some of the popular conversion apps are Vert and ConvertPad. This is important for the real estate selling profession as the job entails a lot of numbers and calculations. It is high time to make sure that the size and area conversion or even currency computation is as easy as 1-2-3.

Mobile Scanners

Who needs to run and look for copying machines if you can scan and store documents and identification cards in your smartphones. With apps like Camscanner, you can copy and store important documents real time. Fast and efficient especially for on-the-go clients.


Impress your clients even more through exciting data about their future neighborhood. This app can show you the best leisure hotspots, site features, or even the demographics of the community that you are promoting to your prospects. Hours or days of research to prepare your selling spiel can be done in just a snap.


Very useful especially in Metro Manila, this community-based traffic and navigation app allows the user to negotiate the Philippine capital’s horrendous traffic. Brokers need not worry getting lost finding a secluded property in Quezon City or being late for a closing appointment with an important client.

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