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TalentBin by Monster Allows Social Media-Fuelled Job Matches

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I was reading an article early this morning about an online recruitment company and their newest feature which allows them to scan relevant sites such as GitHub, Twitter, StackOverflow, Meetup, Google+ and other forums where candidates are active online. The information they get from these sites helps them find candidates that are more likely inactive job seekers that do not regularly upload their resume.

The region-wide launch of TalentBin by Monster, which provides recruiters access to previously ‘unfindable’ candidate profiles through aggregated social sources across the Web, aims to use a storehouse of actionable information and web-based recruiting tools to help locate hard-to-find talent. By aggregating public candidate social activity into a rich professional profile, recruiters now can find many previously undiscoverable candidates.

These is the same premise on how one of the lead characters of  a sci-fi movie is able to "mold" the traits and looks of his AI (Artificial Intelligence) robot. The story relates how the inventor and master developer/programmer was able to gather information from the Internet based on the activities of the user (one of his employees he wanted to use as a test subject), even his private porn-viewing activities were not spared, and thus able to "craft" a robot that the user will definitely like.

This ability to harvest information from social media or forums where we interact with other online users could be very useful as well for recruiters who can categorize us based on what sites we often go to, what movies we watch, what items we order, and a lot of other information vital to identifying which job we are most likely be qualified for.

In a tight labour market, a company’s ability to find, attract, and access the right skilled professionals is critical to success. TalentBin® by Monster not only automates and streamlines the talent discovery process via site monitoring, interpretation and matching, but also simplifies the hiring process to allow recruiters do more in less time.

“Skilled technology talent is hard to find and we have found that many potential candidates are not active job seekers and are less likely to have, and regularly update, a resume or a professional online profile. However, the talent recruiters are trying to find are online in many ways, leaving bits of information demonstrating the professional skills that make them desirable candidates. This prompts for a need for a disruptive technology to find this talent,” said Sanjay Modi, Managing Director, Monster (India, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong). 

“TalentBin by Monster is a solution to the evolution of online and social recruitment. It has an intuitive and specialised communication template that can assemble candidate profiles from publicly available sources, limited to professionally relevant information. This will ensure the ‘unfindable’ can be found," added Sanjay.

By harnessing the vast amount of professionally relevant information people share across social platforms, TalentBin® by Monster brings potential job candidates to the surface.

Already launched and implemented in both the US and the UK, TalentBin® by Monster is available from today in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines and the Gulf region.

Key benefits of TalentBin by Monster

· Recruit hard-to-find talent: Technical talent are rarely active seekers, with profiles that are non-existent or seldom updated. TalentBin by Monster helps you find talent where they already live online – not where you wish they would be. 

· Reaches out to professionals where they are active: TalentBin by Monster provides direct access to email addresses, so employers can reach professionals on the platforms where they are already active.

· Integrated tools for maximum efficiency: TalentBin by Monster allows recruiters to prioritise their time of professionals who are engaged, so they can reduce their time-to-hire. 

Matching these online activities with the jobs we are most likely suited for gives employers candidates that are inherently living and breathing traits and interests that goes well with the jobs they are matched with.

Though we must admit that not all could be living their actual lives over the Internet since it is very easy to lie and deceive, especially those whose purpose is to scam gullible Netizens. The challenge therefore is to find truth which could only be found after a few months of actual on-the-job probationary period. Or am I wrong to assume that there are professional scammers that are too careful to divulge their real identities?

Nevertheless, most of us act and react real online. Unlike the traditional recruitment process where we wear a suit and try our best to impress the interviewer by only stating the good parts of ourselves, the online world is where we think we are free to express our most sincere thoughts about everything from politics to our favorite culinary dish.

This could only mean that the probability of getting the right candidate for a position based on our online activities could be very high indeed.

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