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JNBM Presents "Yamang Sining, Yamang Dagat" National Paperclay Art Competition

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I'm a frustrated artists. I almost enrolled in Fine Arts in college but my mother wanted me to take an Engineering course because she believed the latter course is more rewarding. You rarely see an artist's work shine as bright, popular and profitable only after his or her death. I was not in a position to disobey her so I followed her wish.

This is why I appreciate every opportunity to use my creativity in the arts and crafts. I never really got to pursue it since life becomes overwhelming once you start working on your chosen career. But the arts has an uncanny way of finding its way towards me since I'm often being requested to prepare Powerpoint slides and presentations which often requires creativity.

JNBM  Paperclay proudly presents a national Paperclay Art Competition as part of the JNBM 10th anniversary celebration.

A press conference was held at the Lakambini function hall at Villamor Airbase in Pasay City last May 15, 2015 where the JNBM Paperclay founder and CEO, Sue Morales, explained everything about the art competition as well as some background of the company.

My eldest seemed to have inherited my interest of tasks where creativity is most required. She's actually better than what I am capable to draw back then. You can't say it's because of the new technologies or convenient access to drawing or painting tutorials available online. It's most probably because it's in that particular genetic traits that she got from me.

I would encourage her to show off her artistry so the world would witness how great she could become if only she was not too shy. If only she was a few years older, I would have entered her in a competition limited to 18 to 25 year olds.

Our first impression of JNBM Paperclay was sort of just a hobby center for artistically-inclined individuals who want to work on coloring an artwork using their "paperclay" - one that can be used instead of the traditional oil, pastel, watercolor, etc.,

What is amazing about their product is that they've allotted their store as a family venue where even the entire family can sit down and work on an artwork together. This special bonding task brings families closer and their creativity enhanced to a higher level. It's not only a great way to spend time, it also gives an extreme sense of accomplishment after you've finished a masterpiece you can boast your own. You will surely be addicted and inclined to do another project.

Not only is their artwork so splendid, their paperclay is uniquely applied differently from the usual brush applied mediums. Their product is also safe to both person and the environment, and really very affordable.

Miss Sue Morales answered our inquiries about the competition and the product as well. If only I was still within the qualified age requirements then I would have definitely joined. My kids are also too young to join too so I guess I will have to wait a few more years before I can have my kids join their nth year art competition.

By then I am sure that their current 9 branches will again increase to even more than their original 27 branches before the economic recession.

My very first branch that I was able to try out their product was at their Market Market branch since it was the nearest from us when we still used to live in Pateros. Now that we've transferred to Pasig, their Megamall branch is the nearest from us.

I would often see not only kids working on their art but couples or families too. What they've created is actually an admirable advocacy to promote the arts among Filipinos. Instead of bringing your kids to video games centers or at the malls to go window shopping, the highly recreational activity is the best alternative to keep them busy while enhancing their creativity.

JNBM supports the advocacy on the care and preservation of Marine wildlife; the art competition aims to raise awareness that is why the competition is dubbed as "Yamang Sining, Yamang Dagat" .

Thus we may be seeing  a lot of our marine life friends soon at the exhibits, or probably some artists would go beyond the obvious or traditional way of expressing their concern for the marine wildlife, and draw more than  just sea animals and plants.

The Philippines has a lot of imaginative artists that are just waiting to be discovered or given a break.

Since they are targeting the younger artists between ages 18 to 25, then this would be a great opportunity to discover new Filipino talents in the field of the arts. With so many tutorials, guides and inspirations that can be found online over the Internet, the youth of today are at an advantage of becoming better than our current artists since they have access to a lot more technologies that can improve their natural skills.

Of course, there are the natural talents that really have the eye for beauty and could effortlessly create artworks in just minutes even without any guide or pattern to follow.

The event is also an opportunity to introduce Paperclay as a universal art material that can be used as medium for paintings and other artwork.

The paperclay has been around for 10 years and many schools have used it as one of their yearly projects for their students. There has also been imitators trying to duplicate the original paperclay but nothing beats the quality of the original.

We were actually encouraged to try it out while waiting for the press conference to start but I thought my kids would better enjoy the artworks so I decided to just bring them all home. It's still school break so all of my kids are still at home doing nothing but playing with their tablets and smartphones while watching anime videos on YouTube and other video streaming sites, while the others are playing computer games.

The paperclay can help keep them away from their gadgets for a while and allow their creativity to be put into good use this time. It is a welcome break from all that digital generation toys.

They would also discover and launch a new batch of Paperclay Artists that will create artworks that will be exhibited as World-class Paperclay Artworks globally.

Many artists would love to have their artworks displayed on a global scale. Since the JNBM Paperclay company already ahs a Taiwan branch, it will be not surprising to see their masterpieces displayed at this foreign country soon.


• Start of Registration: May 15, 2016

Registration Centers:

JNBM Branches Online Registration RWM (Proposed)
Competition Proper: May 15 – June 30, 2015
Winning entries exhibit: July 11-18, 2015 Venue: Resorts World Manila
Announcement of Grand Winners: July 19, 2015 Venue: Resorts World Manila

1st Prize P100,000.00
2nd Prize P75,000.00
3rd Prize P50,000.00
People’s Choice Award P25,000.00
Consolation (6 Artworks) 10,000.00 each

1. Raul Isidro National Artist
2. Raul Agner Director, Adamson Art Museum
3. _____________ President, Resorts World Manila
4. Owen Cammayo Director of Communication, Resorts World Manila
5. Nemi Miranda Filipino Artist, Angono Rizal
6. Egay Fernandez Filipino Artist, Quezon City
7. _____________ WWF
8. _____________ DENR-PAWB
9. _____________ GREENPEACE
10. Sponsor #1
11. Sponsor #2
12. Sponsor #3

• Open to all Filipino citizens who are 18years old and above as of May 15, 2015. As proof of age & citizenship, all entrants must submit any government issued document or identification card (ID), photocopy of the artist’s birth certificate, passport, or any valid government ID showing birth date and citizenship when submitting their entries.
• Professional and non-professional artists are eligible to join the competition.
• Participation Fee: P500.00 inclusive of 5 big cups of Paperclay.
• Employees of JNBM, their affiliates, distributors, advertising and promotions agencies, companies involved in the production of the program materials and the implementation of the competition, their agents, as well as their respective relatives up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity and affinity are not eligible to participate in the competition.

Specifications of the Painting Piece:

• Size: Not smaller than 36x48 inches or not bigger than 48 x 60 inches, exclusive of the frame
• Medium: Paperclay AND Acrylic only on stretched Boxed-type Canvas.
• Weight: not more than 15 kilos
• Should NOT be framed BUT have hanging provisions
• No signature must appear on the painting nor on the frame.


• An artist can submit only ONE (1) entry. Submission of entries in 2 or more is a cause for disqualification in the whole competition.
• Only ORIGINAL and RECENT works will be accepted (not more than 2 months from date of submission).
• The artworks must be ready for exhibition, and do not require assembly.

Non Acceptable Artworks

Artworks using:

• Obscene subject/designs
• Oil Paint and other paint aside from the Art Medium indicated on 4.2.
• Dangerous materials
• Illegal/prohibited materials
• hazardous materials
• endangered botanical, zoological and marine specimens
• precious metals and stones
• fragile or brittle
• wet works
• incomplete documentation
• altered works to conform with size limitations

JNBM reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion, not to accept and/or disqualify any entry not meeting certain artistic and competition requirements or violating competition rules and regulations.

Competition Rules & Regulations

• All participants MUST USE the 2015 JNBM Registration Form when submitting their entries.
• Please read all the mechanics, rules and regulations carefully. JNBM enforces strict implementation of set guidelines. Non-compliant entries on any of the stipulated rules will be disqualified.

Judging Criteria

All entries will be judged according to the following criteria:

25% Creative Use of Medium
25% Expression and Technique
25% Originality of Artistic Perception and Mode of Interpretation
25% Relevance to Theme: “Yamang Sining, Yamang Dagat”

JNBM shall select members of the panel of judges.
Any participant or entry found to have violated the competition rules and regulations will be disqualified from the competition. JNBM reserves the right not to award any of the stipulated prizes should entries fail to meet the competition rules and standards. All decisions by the panel of judges are final.

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  1. i thought inalis a yung rule about sa weight na hindi mag exceed sa 15 kilo?

  2. i thought inalis a yung rule about sa weight na hindi mag exceed sa 15 kilo?

  3. Tapos na po ba ang competition?

  4. Tapos na po ba ang competition?


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