Friday, May 15, 2015

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Coming Soon on CW

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Sometimes the good guys aren't enough. Heroes and Villains come together on DC's Legends of Tomorrow, coming soon to The CW.

My balls just fell off cause I screamed like a little girl. OMG!! You had me a Vandal Savage! I have such a huge nerd boner right now!!!! This is epic to a whole new level! 

Looks awesome!!! Glad to see Sara back while intros for Hawkgirl and Rip Hunter intriguing. The returned Arrow and Flash were nice to see while Cold and Heatwave are definite surprises. Ray and Professor are interesting to watch too. Atom basically looks like Iron Man plus Ant Man.

As a avid comic book nerd (seriously look at my shelf), this is as close as we'll get to a live-action Justice League series, with a great use of characters both old and new, both hero and villain, all legends in their own right, guess that means Oliver and Barry will have some role as well, but does that mean Mr. Queen is gonna change his name to Green Arrow finally? And how did Ray Palmer survive the blast at the end of last night's Arrow finale, will we get to know about Hawkgirl in this series, and will Captain Cold and Heatwave be able to work with heroes? There's only one thing to do, I'LL GET THE POPCORN BECAUSE THIS IS AWESOME, also the main villain for the first season, and maybe the whole series is Vandal Savage, finally a villain I know from the Justice League cartoon, Aside from Gorilla Grodd.

As much as I'm excited for this show, the continuity issues kind of bug me, the biggest being the return of Sara. Kind of negates the entire last season (which by the way in my opinion was the worst one) and makes it kind of pointless. Others being captain cold and heat wave being heroes on the show but when they're back in the flash they become villains again? 

Avengers ripoff in every sense of the word. I see the Atom and I think Iron-man + Ant-man. Ripoff! And anyone who thinks DC is killing it on TV clearly hasn't watch Gotham and Constantine which were dull. And I'm not some pretentious Marvel fan boy. I love me some good DC stuff like The DK trilogy, Donner Supes, Burton Batman etc. but DC is desperately trying to play catch up with Marvel at this point and I have been completely unimpressed with what I've seen so far with Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman.

But still, it's excellent work. It's strange how the CW seems to already be doing a better job at setting up it's own DC universe and superhero team than Warner bros are with the DC cinematic universe despite the fact the CW has a much lower budget

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