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Pinoy Life Hacks: Real Life Inspirational Stories From Real People

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I believe that the best lessons we can learn are those come from and have actually been experienced by real people. Story-telling becomes really natural and effortless, and likewise believable, when it really came from real-life experiences of the actual book authors.

Life becomes so appealing when we have the courage to share our stories, admit our mistakes, and realize the life lessons from the favorable or disappointing experience. Usually we encounter a lot of tragedies during our younger years because we are at a stage in our lives when we are prone to several mistakes brought about by hasty decisions.

We therefore welcome all kinds of support and encouragement to motivate us to move on despite the challenges. Reading about inspirational stories lifts our spirits and becomes sort of wind beneath our wings.

I recently got invited to a gathering where we were able to listen to four authors from Kerygma publications as they share their life experiences and answer inquiries for the benefit of the members of the media so we could also share to our readers the values we can learn from their motivational books.

I was so interested to attend the event because I was already fascinated from the invitation sent through e-mail. How I wish I had access to these books during my younger years but upon learning that they've been in the business for 25 years already, I realized I was probably just looking at the wrong places during my youth.

Stories coming from different people from different situations in life are worth listening too especially when we can relate or use them to guide us through life. There is so much we can absorb from what they can share but we have every right to choose whatever works for us, or which stories we find useful. Since there are no perfect individuals, their point of views would only matter if we strongly agree and feel comfortable in adapting in our own lives.

Let us not be totally influenced by what we read and try to be selective since life also teaches us make our own decisions so there will be no regrets afterwards.

"Life as an adult is certainly more complicated than when we were younger, when the biggest devastation would have been the departure of a member of our favorite band, or one’s best friend choosing to partner with someone else during lab class. Now, when we encounter problems, we realize that we’re only an older version of the clueless person we were in high school, but with bigger responsibilities and life-altering decisions to make. It can sometimes be overwhelming and daunting.  

Shepherd’s Voice Publications, one of the country’s leading inspirational media outlets publishes Kerygma Books, short, easy-reads that center around themes of youth, family and relationships. Written by local authors, Kerygma Books are not solely intended for the Catholic reader, but are a source of rich and practical stories that every Filipino going through life’s challenges can appreciate and learn from.   

In this regard, Shepherd’s Voice presented, as part of its Book In Focus series, “Pinoy Life Hacks”, a gathering of selected authors for a casual book launch cum talk session last May 14, 2015 at Fully Booked Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

Best-selling Kerygma authors Rissa Singson Kawpeng, Arun Gogna, Marjorie Duterte and Joy Holgado shared highlights and tips culled from their books and answered questions on how to deal with life’s ups and downs. It was an opportunity to meet and talk to these individuals – all of whom have inspiring life stories that came about when they encountered extraordinary challenges – as well as everyday life challenges that every Pinoy student, adult, spouse or parent can relate to."

Indeed, we can learn a lot form our fellow individuals may it be from professional authors or from our friends, colleagues or relatives. The advantage of reading about it from books is we get to refresh ur thoughts if ever we need to renew our motivational needs. Some of us need some constant reminders to keep us on the right track. The books can help straighten our path, or bring us back on the "Daang Matuwid" if ever we are tempted to break from the acceptable and honorable traits.

Even though we already live in a digital world where e-books and online journals or stories are already plenty, there is still something so magical about being able to carry with us a book that we can flip the pages and put book marks to guide us where we are currently at. It is always a great pleasure to return to reading a book especially during times when we need some spiritual enhancement.

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