Monday, May 25, 2015

Is There a Blockbuster Tomorrow for Tomorrowland?

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"You've got simultaneous epidemics of obesity and starvation, explain that one. Bees butterflies start to disappear, the glaciers melt, the algae blooms. All around you the coal mine canaries are dropping dead and you won't take the hint! In every moment there's a possibility of a better future, but you people won't believe it. And because you won't believe it you won't do what is necessary to make it a reality." - Nix of Tomorrowland

What exactly are we doing to better our future? Are we still inspired and hopeful of a paradise-like tomorrow, or have we fallen into accepting our doomed fate of a polluted, crime-infested, politically-aggravated and trampled upon future where only the strongest survives?

Tomorrowland, a Disney movie based on one of the theme parks in Disneyland, gives us a glimpse of a probable future, but also gives us hope of changing it. Just like how the Terminators travelled back in time to change the future. The robotic beings of Tomorrowland are sent back to put the future in its rightful place. By enticing some of the humans that still aspires of a better future to continue with their dreams and put them into reality.

The New York Times says it's a Box Office disappointment saying "“Tomorrowland” is a major misfire for Disney’s live-action movie division, which, with films like “Maleficent” and “Cinderella,” had finally managed to move beyond flops like “The Lone Ranger.” Lackluster “Tomorrowland” ticket sales came despite an aggressive two-year marketing campaign that included a Super Bowl commercial, trailers on “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” and exhibitions at Disney theme parks."

If you'll sum up some of the reviews in Rotten Tomato, you'll end up with this "The story of Tomorrowland seems like a jigsaw puzzle inviting us to solve it. That's the fun part. However, when the resolution is presented, it underwhelms. While the movie's sermonizing left me feeling grumpy... it may well have an entirely different effect on impressionable children. Its heart is in the right place, even if the story is uneven and filled with plot holes. It's full of up-with-people messages, liberal ideals and progressive viewpoints -- all good stuff. But such stances need to be organically woven into the fabric of the piece or you end up with a heavy-handed, preachy screed. Every minute of the movie starts to feel like a scold. The haphazard storytelling and static character dynamics, spread out over 130 minutes, work against the movie's message. The movie saves the worst for last, unfurling a trite, cacophonous finale so stupendously dumb it will please no one."

The lead characters chemistry played by George Clooney (Frank Walker), Britt Robertson (Casey Newton), Raffey Cassidy (Athena) and Hugh Laurie (Nix), seemed to be non-existent. Thomas Robinson (young Frank Walker) was more interesting to watch in the beginning as his curiosity takes him on a journey following Athena to the hidden path towards Tomorrowland. Brad Bird was responsible for the Iron Giant, but he apparently did poorly in this movie together with his co- writer, Damon Lindelof.

We are more likely made to think that "big-budget original sci-fi doesn't make money anymore", considering the unoriginal and lower rated Transformers movies still make a ton of money. But I don't think this is the death of original science fiction. However, I refuse to pay money for a bad film simply because it's "Original". "Original" is a not a free pass to success. Don't blame audiences for whatever comes out of this, blame the creators who made films that didn't hold weight.

The odds of this losing John Carter/The Lone Ranger style money is much more likely than profit now. The only success of original sci-fi this year so far has been Ex Machina.

No matter how talented, sometimes good directors make lackluster films and sometimes actors give lackluster performances. It happens.

In the end it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about this film. What is important is whether it speaks to you or not. That should be enough. You should stick with your own opinions and live your life based on not what others think.

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