Friday, April 17, 2015

The Life Imprisonment Sentence of Janet Lim - Napoles

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Sayang wala ng death penalty like lethal injection, electrocution or hanging in the Philippines. Janet Lim - Napoles deserves a more severe penalty than staying in prison comfortably because of her influence and affluence.

We all know the stories of rich convicts serving their sentences in luxury and comfort, others have surprisingly been going in and out of prison with permission from corrupt prison authorities, and some have even run for offices and won.

Well, we all know not all who are in prison may be guilty. Many are said to be innocent because they lack the financing to continue fighting for justice and their innocence. But we hear more stories of the guilty able to continue with their criminal operations even in prison. With access to entertainment, communication, and technology, and more.

Napoles seems unfazed when the verdict was read. It is so obvious that she was already aware of the end result. I'm betting they would only allow some years to pass, to let the people forget, and a pardon or early release will take place, after all have been paid and bribed.

With strong connections in government and business, Napoles would surely live through these ordeal, or phase in her life. After all, her husband and the rest of her family are still out there splurging the tax money we never got to recover.

The pork barrel scam mastermind was not alone in her wrongdoings. She had connections in government who are still at loose, an probably already scheduled to run for office in next year's election.

When the links are too way deep down in government, some machineries will be working round the clock soon to speed up the process of easing her burden. When we get to busy with the next big issue at hand, we will soon forget about her and let her bounce back into freedom.

Do you really want her back among us even after serving a few years? Her crime was too big to ignore and just let pass. She will not be missed so just let her party in jail.

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