Saturday, April 18, 2015

Gramatically Incorrect, Passionately Imperfect

Wazzup Pilipinas!

There are unintentional typos that ruin a good article but many have been using word plays, beki lingos, Jejemon style of writing and a lot more purposely designed to bring out humor for the amusement of the readers, but what is really annoying is reading an article that was meant to be serious but you just couldn't stop laughing because of the horrible English grammar.

But no one could probably say they don't make mistakes and they are always grammatically correct. However, repeated occurrences were supposed to humiliate people that are not literate enough to share and error-free writing piece. 

Some people should be able to discern they lack the skill to write fluent English so they should instead "Tagalized" or mix the language to come up with exhaustingly kolehiyala "Taglish" as an alternative. It's forgiven if they still make a mistake at least there are several reasons to explain why.

You might want to suggest they just write in the vernacular, or Tagalog for Metro Manilenos and the likes of Bisaya or Pangalatoc for those belonging to their appropriate region. Not that I am fully aware of the differences, but it beats trying hard to express using a language you are obviously finding difficulty in writing.

Bloggers should not be second-rate journalists. We are more than just persons who got a hold of a computer and began to write without direction. We are more than just about the loot bags and promised tokens in exchange of a write-up. We are more than just the free food, and the opportunities to mingle with popular personalities like celebrities, athletes, politicians, musicians and singers.

We are here not to overpopulate the blogging community. We are a special task force aimed to bring back balanced news, fearless views and speedy delivery of information. We are a new generation of story-tellers that people look up to bring forth sincere and unbiased opinions. We are supposed to lead a generation that's hooked on the Internet and addicted to the many social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. We are supposed to be bringing the future of engaging with people all over the world.

Do we deserve to be a blogger if our seven year old child writes better than us?  Do we stop blogging if even after several years of desperately trying to improve on our literary pieces, we continue to suck big time? Do we listen to our peers who are saying many are suffering because of the "barok" English grammar we are spreading?

Do we take the bullying of grammar Nazis?

Poor generation. The youth may be misled by the acceptance of others to publish poorly rated articles. We would not appreciate a degrade in our children's writing capabilities. We would not be happy knowing there are some people out there that are posing as bloggers because they have nothing better to do with their lives. They should get a life, not as a blogger, but as a comedian.

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  1. When describing an event that happened in the past, the preterite tense is employed. You might use the preterite to state that basketbros, for example, to describe something that has concluded.


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