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RC Jamaican Patties: A Few Reasons Why You Need to Try It Out

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Jamaican patties are originally found in the Caribbean islands, specifically in Jamaica, as the name implies. The pastry may contain various fillings, like ground beef, and spices like curry or chili, baked inside a flaky shell, often tinted golden yellow with an egg yolk mixture or turmeric. We Filipinos refer to it as "empanada" of which we also have our own version among which is the more popular Ilocos type of cooking.

My son and I visited this small food stall named RC Jamaican Patties located at the top floor of Market Market in Bonifacio Global City. RC stands for Royal Caribbean and have several outlets or kiosks all over the country including Cebu, Bacolod and Iloilo. It was very near the cinemas so I imagine people flocking to this place to buy it as an alternative for the common popcorn. It's either that or the place will be a good choice to drop by after watching the movie.
The place was quite small but good enough since I think it was the only one at that floor that offers their customers a more comfy seating. The rest of the food outlets there were just kiosks and hole-in-the-walls.

From their menu, it can be seen that they have a total of 8 flavors (5 Classics and 3 Premiums)to choose from:

 Beef Royale: All-beef ground filling, all-time favourite
Beef Supreme:
No chilli, juicy, ground all-beef filling with tomato sauce gravy
Beef Jerky:
Extra hot, all-beef juicy ground filling with tomato sauce gravy
Beef Curry:
A real delight of specially blended curry, all beef ground filling, explosive
Beef Grenada:
Detonates in your mouth & only for the brave, spicy all-beef ground filling, lots of chilli

Cheeze Burst Royale:
Loads of melted cheese with all-beef ground filling, a sure winner! 
Cheeze Burst Supreme: Loads of melted cheese with all-beef ground filling with tomato sauce gravy

Cheeze Burst Jerky: Loads of melted cheese with all-beef ground filling with tomato sauce gravy

The flavors that you have to watch out for are the Beef Grenada and Beef Curry because they are extra hot in taste. You may need to prepare a drink on standby just in case you can't stand the spiciness. If you want mild, then choose the Royales and the Jerkies.

I love spicy foods only when they have that right amount and natural flavor meaning it must have naturally-flavored spices. I guess RC passes the score for making the spiciness just the right amount even when it says that the pastry was Extra Hot.

The three Cheese Bursts flavors are the preferred choices if you want to have plenty of cheese in your Jamaican patties. You'll definitely taste the big difference once you take that first bite off that pastry.

Priced at 45 for the Classics and P 58 for the Premium, it's quite filling enough as compared to eating a burger that would normally cost more.

All were perfect matches for the blended drinks as I did enjoy my dining experience until my 3rd piece. Well, I got a bit bored with my fourth piece because we had to wait for an hour before it was served to us. They ran out of the other flavors so they decided to cook them, and when they said 1 hour, they mean it!

I just grabbed a food magazine and read the so many articles about food. This got me quite hungry again for another piece of Jamaican patties...but wait... they're still in the oven.

Took out my smartphone and checked my Facebook, while my son was all bored seating there beside me and doing nothing else but look at what I was doing.

They also have 6 blended drinks or shakes:

Ceylon Tea:
Rich aroma and taste
Four Seasons: Special tropical drink
Mango: All-time favorite
Red Raspberry Tea: Superior quality and flavor
Premium Iced Tea: Rich Pomegranate flavor
Iced Lemon Tea:
Classic Lemon tea

All flavors were satisfactory enough and fair for its P 58 price. The teas were distinctive when compared with each other by taste but you'll get confused if you'll just look at them since they all look similar to each other, with all the foam above the tea and all. The Four Seasons and Mango blends were among the favorites as they were familiar flavors.

Overall, you would appreciate the pastry when they're newly cooked. Best when just a few minutes out of the oven, as they will not be too flaky when eaten. They tend to be a bit messy when especially when cold already. The air-conditioning in the mall will freeze up that pastry so fast that it's best you eat it as soon as served.

You may also get a bit bored with this type of food already if you consume more than a couple of it on a daily basis so it's best you pair it with other types of food they serve. Unfortunately, the only food available that time were the Jamaican Patties. No macaronis, no cookies, no anything else.

My suggestion is to keep all flavors available so the customers would not have to wait for their favorite flavors to be cooked. Also, maybe they could increase the filling to make it more "filling" and improve the content that will make it more distinctive as compared with the other flavors. Frankly, I couldn't really tell much of the difference among the 8 flavors except for the spiciness.

A great way to share the taste with your family and loved ones is their take-out box available for:

Classic:  P 270 for 6 pieces, or P 360 for 8 pieces
Premium: P 348 for 6 pieces, or P464 for 8 pieces.

Check out their Facebook page for more information:

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  2. I would love to check this food stall out, since the place is quite near us. I haven't tried any Jamaican food yet and I guess this would be cool to try out. The given flavors are quite enticing and the only drink that is noticeable for me was the Ceylon Tea because it's the first time I have encountered that name. But I think that they should always be prepared for the food because they wouldn't want their customers to be waiting for an hour just for the food. Overall, I would really love to go to this place and have a chill time, I really do hope they play some reggae music.

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