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ECOLEADERS INC.: Linking Nature and Technology, One Drop a a Time

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Only less than 1 percent of the world's fresh water is accessible for direct human use because 97.5% of the water on Earth is salt water and out of the remaining 2.5% fresh water, 70% is frozen in the ice caps of Antartica and Greenland, and are present either as soil moisture or lies in deep underground aquifers as ground water not accessible to human use.

The amount of water available is being threatened by the rapid rate of population growth. If the current water usage trend continues, two-thirds of the world's population - or 5.3 billion people - will be vulnerable to water shortages.

ECOLEADERS INC., the global and exclusive distributor of friendly and green solution products, has recently announced during its blessing of its Quezon City showroom and office, that they are the exclusively distributing US brand Ecoloblue Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) appliances - the most technologically advanced and sustainable AWGs in the world. They envision the AWG products as an effective solution to the water shortages we are already experiencing right now.

ECOLEADERS INC., Art Samontina, Vice President for Sales and Marketing; Leo Wasan, President; and Mark Pame Valencia, General Manager; were present at the office blessing and launch of their AWG products. Mark did an informative presentation for the benefit of those interested to learn about the AWG products and the technologies they employ.

AWGs employs dehumidification / condensing technology that extracts water from the humidity in the air. It is actually an old technology similar to the one used for our air-conditioning and refrigeration or cooling units. It's the same concept but was applied differently.

The atmosphere has a certain moisture content that the machine sucks up and let pass through certain parts like a hydrostatic and micro anti-bacterial air filter, a refrigerant, another part that condenses the frozen  elements into water, and then a purification system which further cleans the water before it can be used for personal consumption. The AWGs utilizes multiple filtration technologies composed of 12 stages.

The machine's ability to generate water depends entirely on the level of humidity and atmospheric temperature. To achieve optimum performance, the indicated relative humidity should be at least 30% or more

I got to try out the actual water produced by the machine and it really tasted like any ordinary distilled water, and perhaps better since its output is alkaline water. Mark did say that it has a lot of health benefits that are worth the expense of buying the machines. Imagine the bigger costs that one has to endure when afflicted with diseases and illnesses that are life-threatening. With the AWGs, one can take advantage of a healthier water source.

Alkaline water detoxifies our bodies to remove acidic waste products and toxins accumulated daily from all the pollution in the environment, prescription drugs, unnatural foods, and from the normal process of aging.

The alkaline water also hydrates your body because the machine forms the water into micro-clusters that are easily absorbed at the cellular level, acts as anti-oxidant that scavenges and neutralizes harmful free radicals thus helps in preventing the growth of cancer and other illnesses because they can't survive in an oxygenated alkaline environment, helps balance the body's pH which tends to be acidic because of the wrong diet, stress and exposure to environmental toxins, and enhances your immune system  to maximize your body's ability to fight off disease and heal itself.

The Ecoloblue AWGs are available in both commercial and industrial sizes and comes in different colors. The Ecoloblue Eco30 comes in three colors (black, white and silver) and can serve both hot and cold water just like a water dispenser. The only difference is that you won't see any water container on top of the machine that looks like an ordinary water dispenser. The machine can produce up to 30L of alkaline water per day.

It has the same 12 stage filtration system and also has options to connect to a local water source. For places where power is limited, the machine also has a solar power option, an auto-shut-off, and an energy saver.

The machine is priced at P105,900 with shipping and tax fee already included in the package.

Bigger models that can produce more liters of water are also available like the Eco100, the Eco1000, and the Eco10000.

For more information about the products, please post an inquiry in the comments section and we will get back to you with answers as soon as possible.

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  1. How much you sell for the model household unit?

    1. The machine is priced at P105,900 with shipping and tax fee already included in the package.


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