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Inertia of Dreams

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As I sip my cold drink and enjoy the morning breeze, I wonder about my future. I am thinking of a well-postured woman, with a lot of wisdom in her heart and mind. I am thinking of a woman that has no financial problem because she has the best job a woman could ever dream of. I wonder if I can mold my present to that kind of future.

Then, the sun directly hit me in the face as if it was angry with what I am doing. I asked myself  "What am I doing wrong? There’s nothing wrong with dreaming. I can dream even if it is an endless dream." Well, you know what’s wrong? It is wrong letting time pass by and letting myself do nothing but enjoy the summer heat. It is wrong to dream, only if you are not doing anything to make it possible.

A year of endless paper works already ended and it is time to have some bonding moments with the people that surround me, and share the moments with them.

The pools in Angela's resort

We had an overnight swimming at Angela’s Private Resort in Antipolo. It was my first time to join an overnight getaway. I did not enjoy the pool because it was so cold that I was thinking that if I swim into that pool I will not be able to move my body and be frozen forever.

We also stayed beside the grill to keep our body warm. But I enjoyed the company of my classmates and my adviser, Sir Vivar. I also enjoyed the grilled pork, grilled hotdogs and barbecue. Mr. Travero and Mrs. Dumapias with her child, Usher, joined us in singing along with the Karaoke machine. We had a lot of fun because there is no sun that will burn our skin and be tanned.

We woke up and took pictures of a wonderful view from the terrace outside our room. A nice green and brown land with a tower built on it welcomed us as we walked outside the door.

We went home, riding a jeepney and had our breakfast at Tapsi ng Palatiw.

I finally got home and was surprised that my mom has already prepared another batch of swimming attire, towels, under garments and toiletries. She said my bestfriend, Haniza, has invited me to join her family in another swimming activity. I quickly ran to her house even though I still have hangover from last night’s event.

It is a nice place to live, isn't it
You can see the view at our back, it is magnificent!
When we got to Star Resort at Antipolo, our faces were caught off guard with what we saw. A peaceful and calm resort, not like any other resorts I have visited. They have a nice viewing deck with the mountain that seems almost trying to reach the skies. The air up there in the resort was like a lullaby that can sing us to sleep. Of course, we took infinite photos to capture this unforgettable moment.

Haniza and her sister, Francia
In the pool
They have a single pool, filled with salt water, so that it will be healthier compared to chlorine. They also have a mini stage where you can own it for a minute, for just five pesos per song.

My best-friend and I, singing at the concert hall

We love to sing even though the songs hate us. My best friend’s dad took a video of us singing The Only Exception by Paramore. We did not mind if we were on tune or if we hit the notes correctly, as long as we enjoyed it, it is the best cover of that song for me.

My best-friend's hair when I put flowers on it

I had an idea of putting flowers in my best friend’s hair and let it down of the grass. We took a photo of her, and that was the prettiest photo for me. We placed a blanket in the green grass and lay down under a tree. We watched the clouds passing us and imagined that the skies were just paintings. I was daydreaming about my future self, laying down with my family and enjoying the breeze that has no trace of pollution.

Overnight swimming with Marx

Despite of more than 20 hours of staying awake, from overnight with Marx to a swimming bonding with my best friend, the moments we have shared are priceless. Beautiful places are not worth remembering if you have no one to happily share the moments with.

The rest of my April was just spent at home, making bags of ice water and ice candies for our mini store. These are good to soothe your thirst while playing in the playground. This helped me a lot to have money while I am still in my vacation because my mom did not give me money to buy what I want or just to save it for future needs.

My mom, last summer, was telling everyday lessons for life, like practical dos and don’ts. One of those is saving money. She said that I will never know when the time will come that I will be problematic about money. It is better to save now or never. I knew already all of these. Unfortunately, my mind and purse are constantly disturbed by food.

Now, because I have my allowance to save, I am doing what I have learned last summer about saving money. In the future, I want to save my salaries and get a new house and spend quality time with my brother and mother. But for me to be able to do that, I want to have the perfect job that suits my strengths, talents and weaknesses to save enough money.

Last summer, I thought of the things that will make my dreams possible, and that is, passing a university and graduating with honors to be qualified and be competent in applying for a good company. I prepared for the incoming entrance exams of the big four universities in the Philippines. Half of my vacation was spent with my friends at PTS Review Center near Ateneo De Manila University. I met new friends with different stories. I also learned how to commute from my house to ADMU and that was an achievement for me.

Now, I am just praying to pass all of the entrance examination I will take. If I will not pass, it doesn’t mean I will stop dreaming. I will not let an exam result define my fate. I will not let any problem or downfall define me and my future.

For now, I am starting to find the path where my dreams and reality will collide and will bring me eternal happiness. I found the keys to that path: being practical like my mom tells me, appreciate little things and the people that surround me and lastly working on things at your best, at all times. I have learned all of these lessons and keys during my most productive summer vacation.

Like the Law of Inertia, a body at rest will remain at rest and a body in motion will continue to move, unless an outside force acts on it – like dreams, a dream will always remain a dream unless an effort and struggle act on it, it will go to the path where it should be going.

Contributed by Keith Monreal

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