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Typhoon Restaurant and Bar: Shabu-Shabu to the Extreme

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Are you searching for an eat-all-you-can shabu-shabu restaurant?

Cooked right before your eyes, it's a feast worth taking your family, friends, or colleagues for a night of tasteful and mouth-watering experience. There's something fun seeing how your food is prepared. It's actually enjoyable to watch the restaurant staff
mix ingredients and stir them in the cooking pot. Thinly sliced meat and vegetables and served which you can dip in several kinds of dipping sauces.

You can go visit the Typhoon Restaurant and Bar located at the 2nd level of t
he A. Venue Mall in Makati Avenu.They will give you one of the best shabu-shabu experience, plus they are not called the King of Soup for nothing because they have 27 kinds of soups that can melt your soul.

They are cooking up a storm signal so intense it will most probably uproot you from where you're sitting right now and immediately take you infront of the restaurant doors.

You wont regret it! Promise!

The ambiance at the restaurant is like jumping inside an interior design catalog

The restaurant has a slick modern design that looks like it came out of an interior design magazine. Plus you are offered a great view of the outside through its glass walls.

Typhoon Restaurant and Bar interiors have a slick modern design

Though the space is rectangular in shape, the place is lengthy enough to accommodate a large function.

The owner said he named the restaurant as "Typhoon" basically because of the fact that the Philippines is devastated by several typhoons yet the Filipinos remain to be a resilient race that keeps on surviving no matter how many storms or flash floods ravage the country. ....and conveniently he can also call his next branches as Typhoon signal number 2, then Typhoon signal number 3, and so on - injecting humor to our conversation.

Shabu-Shabu Dry Pot
"Enjoy a sumptuous feast of these lip smacking meals in a pot. One dish can be enjoyed in different ways: as a viand paired with rice or as soup in the pot for shabu-shabu. A great way to fill a hungry crowd."
To give you a background, Shabu-shabu is a Japanese hot pot meal imported from China. Its name literally translates to "swish swish," the noise that the meat makes as it is swirled through hot broth with chopsticks.

The technique for eating shabu shabu is simple. The meat is sliced thinly that it only requires a few seconds of swishing in the pot. Lift the meat off the platter with the backs of your chopsticks, swish it a few times in the hot broth until it turns brown, and then dip it into your favorite dipping sauce. The vegetables are dropped into the hot pot depending on how long they should cook. After the meat is consumed, the broth is strained and poured into a cup with udon noodles.

Shabu-Shabu Soup
The first step is to choose your soup. We have learned that the soups under the Asian category is the majority among the choices since there's  fifteen kinds, followed by the Western style soups and the Healing soups category.

The Soup is the main course! The popular soups are Zuiji and Sichuan. The Zuiji is a traditional drunken chicken soup, with rice wine, Chinese herbs, and spices. The Sichuan is the spicier version and is not recommended for the faint of heart. Spicy food lovers will enjoy the endorphin rush.

"These soup bases are your daily dose of tremendous nutritional boost. Packed with herbs and spices, just all the good stuff in the simmering broth to keep you in tip-top shape. From seasonal colds or poor blood circulation to improving your overall health and immune system, Typhoon has that kind of soup for your soul."


The second step that is to pick out your meat and seafood. They have seafood like squid, shrimp, fish fillet, oysters;  and meats like Angus beef, beef-wrapped enokitake, marinated boneless chicken, sausages. Since I love seafood, I indulged in the sweet and succulent seafood flavors of live suahe, fresh oysters and crab shabu-shabu. But of course, I put some of the meat choices as well just to sample them also.

Angus Beef

Marinated Boneless Chicken

Mushroom wrapped in beed



Fish Fillet

The third step is to choose your noodles, vegetables and balls. You can order Australian Beef or Seafood that includes three kinds of balls (with cheese filling), golden, pearl or chicken mushrooms, corn, taopao, Taiwan pechay, iceberg lettuce, pumpkin, wintermelon, taro and tofu slices, carrots, and egg.

My choice for vegetables were the bean sprouts, chicken mushroom and mushroom wrapped in beef. I also loved the tofu and egg among the choices.

Bean Sprouts

Vegetables, balls and other ingredients

The fourth step is mixing together all of the shabu-shabu ingredients. I particularly enjoyed this part since it's only a matter of seconds and I will soon be able to finally dine on my choices.

Rice with sauce, egg and cheese to taste

Savory Sauces

Lastly, there's an array of savory sauces and condiments to choose from to complement the taste. You can choose among the shabu shabu sauce, fresh chili, fresh garlic, chili with peanut, satay sauce, shallot with oil, fried garlic, toasted peanut, spring onion, and a lot more. Pick the right sauce among the 20 that they have to enhance the flavor. Your choices will spell a great of difference

Fruit shakes and juices are available

It is best to have your preferred choice of drinks for this great occasion but I warn you already that you'll surely be drinking a lot if you're not used to the spiciness of most of their selections.

Spend your parties, gatherings, meetings, and all forms of gathering at Typhoon Restaurant and Bar over a shabu-shabu hotpot. It will be a terrific experience compared to going to traditional restaurants. The reason why the dining area is formed in a half-circle was because the owners want people to be conversing with each other and not just concentrated on the food.

You could also order a glass of Italian wine for your group, or some high-quality Cuban cigar to complete the evening. The restaurant owner is approachable and will be happy to answer all your queries so chat with him and to win a friend. Who knows, if he is in a good mood, he might give you a bonus meal.

Please do check their Facebook page for more information: or you can tweet them! @TyphoonRB

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