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Kyle Can Cook: Apple Cinnamon Fritters for Summer

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Filipino turon consists of a plantain wrapped like a spring roll and then deep fried -- sort of like banana lumpia. The Tagalog word turon comes from the Spanish turrón, a nougat confection that's a traditional dessert at Christmas. The most common turon filling is the saba variety of banana. Jackfruit is also added as a filling. The rolls may be dusted with brown sugar before frying.

Many have been revolutionizing the preparation of turon by not just using the popular banana as the main ingredient. There have been many variations by using other ingredients using different fruits, root crops, and other alternatives to the banana and jackfruit combination. Others have even made a "halo-halo" turon with ice cream on top.

I also thought of using apples as my main ingredient just like how they prepare the apple pies at a certain fastfood restaurant that is very popular with kids.

Well, the idea came to me when I saw the apples in the refrigerator being invisible to the members of my household. These apples were being ignored and I was worried they will just rot. I've also noticed mom has bought some lumpia wrappers so I decided to make a confection out of it.

First, I've prepared some ingredients namely, lumpia wrapper, apples and some cinnamon-flavored syrup.

Second, I wrapped the sliced apples with the lumpia wrap... and put some syrup inside (to make the filling seem like apple pie), fired up the pan, placed a decent amount of oil (mom will kill me if I use too much oil), fried them up, and placed them on the more good-looking plated (the rest were either slightly chipped (wasn't my fault), or didn't look up to the challenge).

When the smell of cinnamon reached every corner of the house, it was printed on their faces that they want to eat (they were trying to hide it... but failed miserably). My dad went just after I've finished cooking and said 'Wow! nakaluto siya ng turon... picturan nga natin.' (not to think badly, but his expression looked as if I've done the impossible).

My mom was first to indulge at my creation, and said it was delicious, and she liked the fact that I didn't place any sugar (the syrup was sweet), the rest of the family seemed to enjoy the dish and how it reminded them of apple pie (I knew placing syrup inside was a good idea!).

I now walk triumphant in the new bask of light that I have set, removing at least some of my mom's worries when I cook (it's always: 'The house might burn to ashes!' or, 'The gas tank might explode!') and setting a new independent aura making them see the fact that I'm not a little kid anymore... and also the fact that I won't burn the house down every time I cook.

By the way, I'm 14 years old. Thank you and that was all.

Contributed by Hezron Kyle Del Rosario

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