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myKaffe Bakeshop: Your One Stop Sweet Shop in Caloocan

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What would you expect from a bakeshop located in a neighborhood that's only easily accessible to the residents and other business establishments nearby? We went there by taxi but one of our blogger friends had to commute because he had to go there on his own for missing our ride due to a faulty Internet connection (you know who's at fault). It's infront of a very popular 24 hour convenience store so you won't miss it.

Anyway, you'll be surprised of what we discovered almost hidden somewhere at Caloocan! Though at first you won't be impressed because there's not much eye-candy to see, I was very hopeful my viewpoint will change the moment they serve the food. Whoa! my hunch was correct! When they served the cute little Brazo de Mercedes cupcake, I was like ... "Wow!"

The beautifully whipped meringue frosting with the yellow-orange filling in the middle made the cupcake enticing. Though I was not too impressed with the taste, maybe because I was used to eating a long-time family favorite from another bakeshop, it was my first time to see one served as a cupcake. The great thing about myKaffe Bakeshop is that the hands-on owner can easily adjust her creations based on customer feedback. We've learned that she has a large kitchen filled with all the essentials to please a professional pastry chef. Now I am really envious!

The Braso de Mercedes cupcake sitting proud on a unique serving tray

I've tasted 7 kinds of cupcakes which includes the Brazo de Mercedes, Chocnut, Salted Caramel, Oreos Cookies and Creme, Tiramisu, Red Velvet and Carrot cupcakes. All of them had distinctive flavors not only based on their frosting but on the cupcake itself. Unlike the usual cupcakes which are soft and fluffy, they were moist and dense enough to fill you up already with just a couple of pieces. They are definitely premium miniature cakes that you'll be proud to show off at your special occasions.

I sampled the Chocnut cupcake second, and was pleased with how it tasted. It was blissful to sink my teeth into the scrumptious little cake. The taste of Chocnut was not as strong as some that I've tasted offering the same flavor, but that's good enough for me because too much tends to make my throat feel uncomfortable.

Salted Caramel cupcake
The Salted Caramel cupcake definitely left a favorable after-taste that lingers on even after you drank water. Admirably, the cupcake does not bank on sugary sweetness to sell because it was clearly targeting your taste buds more delicate appreciation of flavor.

Oreos Cookies and cream cupcake
The Oreo Cookies and Cream cupcake was nothing special because it was not new for me. I had a few opportunities to taste similar products like it already but still I have not enjoyed eating this concoction except when its an ice cream.  I guess I am not fond of eating Oreo cookies on cupcakes.

Tiramisu cupcake
I enjoy almost everything with cheese so the Tiramisu cupcake made a mark as a favorite. Tiramisu is an Italian dessert typically made from ladyfinger pastries, espresso coffee, and mascarpone cheese. The name "Tiramisu" means "pick-me-up," and this cupcake certainly will. It was insanely delicious!

Red Velvet cupcake
The Red Velvet cupcake is so striking with its brilliantly red color that is topped with lovely swirls of cream cheese frosting and a small red heart. With its distinct look, the popular delectable is a top contender for favorite flavor.  Adorable as a lovers choice, but I am still biased to the Tiramisu as my wife is also a cheese lover.

Carrot cupcake
The Carrot cupcake for me was sort of like a fruit cake because of the walnuts in it. But that's a good thing for me since I love to chew bits of nuts to taste some texture on an otherwise boring cupcake. This cupcake was moist and flavorful with grated carrots and nuts and are frosted with a delicious cream cheese frosting.

We were told there were actually several varieties  of cupcakes available
True enough, cupcakes are works brought about by inspiration. Since the process of creating the creative designs were done patiently by hand, it is amazing to see these cupcakes side-by-side.

But the sweet treats did not end here. We also sampled the Red Velvet Cheesecake, Fire Floss, Sesame Roll, Cranberry Oatmeal, Orange Cake, and Chocolate Chip cookies. 

Red Velvet Cheesecake
The Red Velvet Chessecake is a moist and dense yet tender layered premium cake composed of three parts with 1/4 frosting, 2/4 flavorful deep, dark red velvet, and 1/4 delectable cheesecake. With so many cakes I've tasted, so far there's only a few that made a considerable impact and this was one of them. They should also make a cheesecake on its own, if there isn't any yet.

Cranberry Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip Cookies
The Cranberry Oatmeal cookie proudly declares that eating healthy doesn't have to be boring because of its splendid taste made out of cranberries and rolled oats which is good for the body. This
cookie is a comforting alternative to the plain oatmeal cookie.

Meanwhile, the Chocolate Chip cookie may need to be mixed with another ingredient to make it stand out too like the Cranberry Oatmeal cookie. It may taste better than the other Chocolate Chip cookies I've tasted but I'm bored with this common type of cookie.

Orange Cake and Sesame Roll samplers

One of the few breads that I really loved to eat is the Fire Floss (bread topped with meat floss). I think the soy-sauce-sweetened pork strands on the Fire Floss bun is also the filling of the Sesame Roll.

The Orange Cake was acceptable but since I only had a small portion, I couldn't really make an accurate judgement. From the small piece I had, it was like a moist "mamon" or sponge cake with a slight orange flavor that make it perfect for brunch as well as dessert.

They also have several other varieties of cupcakes with prices around Php 50.00 each.  There are other sweet treats under the categories of cakes, cookies, and pastry breads. Plus smoothies, frappes, coffee, iced teas, and other cold and hot drinks served in cool mugs and cups.

myKaffe Bakeshop smoothies frappes and cold drinks
myKaffe Bakeshop menu
Just a few of the many myKaffe Frappes, Smoothies and Cold Drinks
There were several Frappes like Black Forest, Irish Cream, Caramel, Caramel Mocha, Mocha Mint, Almond Orgeat, Mocha Cookie Crumble, and Green Tea.

Under the Smoothies category, they have Cookies and Cream, Raspberry, Mixed Berry, Strawberry, Mango, Blueberry, White Chocolate Mocha, Mangosteen and White Chocolate.

For the Premium Cold or Ice-blended, they have Iced Coffee Amaretto, Coffee, Cappuccino, White Chocolate Mocha, White Chocolate, and Vietnamese Coffee.

Just a few of the coffee concoctions at myKaffe Bakeshop
Hot Coffee includes, Cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha, Cappuccino, Long Black, Americano and Caramel Latte. For their Premium Hot, they have Caramel Mocha, Mocha Gelato, Chocolate Obsession, Caramel Machiato, and Honey Nut. They also have Lemon and Mint iced tea.

That was undoubtedly a long list good enough to keep you busy for an entire month or more if you want to try them all.

myKaffe Almond Orgeat Frappe
They recommended for me to try the Almond Orgeat so I chose that one. It was also the most expensive drink so there must be a reason why its priced that way. Once you've tasted its sweet almond flavor and discover its nutty aroma, you'll understand why. 

Orgeat is an almond syrup enhanced with sugar and a touch of rose or orange flower water. Later I found out Orgeat is pronounced as "or-zsa," like Zsa Zsa Gabor, and this made me laugh because all of us mispronounced it that day.

myKaffe Bakeshop One Sop Sweet Shop of Caloocan
Downside is, the place does not compare well to the more elite hang-outs or coffee shops you'll find in the Metro. Aside from being located at an awkward neighborhood, the bakeshop is housed at an old building thus the exterior can be difficult to improve, and the interior needs a lot of improvement because the design and decors of the place were like done by students (honestly, I remembered myself decorating the classroom for an upcoming school activity ... hahaha!), but that's easy to improve once they get a professional interior decorator to put some elegance to the place. 

myKaffe Bakeshop counter and menu offering lots of choices
Lollipops and edible flowers, at the background are all sorts of pastries
Pastries available include Fire Floss,  Blueberry, Choco Ube, Ham and Cheese Floss, Ham and Cheese, Cone, Cake, etc.
Homey setup with the sofas, but pre-school ambiance with the wall art
I actually wanted to sing "C is for cupcakes, cookies, cakes and coffee." But before that, "B is for butterflies, branches and bloggers", ....and when I heard they're going to serve dimsum... "D is for dimsum... that's good enough for me."
myKaffe Bakeshop Wall Art
Seriously, I felt like I was in pre-school when I saw the decorative artwork on the walls. I am not entirely sure what they are trying to achieve and who is their target market. If they want to attract children, then they will be successful (add some colorful little children's tables and chairs), but if they want to attract the teens and adults who can afford to buy and hang-out while engaged on social media networks via their free wi-fi Internet access, then they need to work harder on the look of the place.

The Cupcake Ferris Wheel was a great touch
I've eaten several cupcakes already which I realized seems to be among the popular starting products of many lady entrepreneurs (mostly moms) who want to go into the patisserie or bakeshop business. It's the easiest sweet concoction you can make especially by the more creative ones who love to play with taste and color.

Indeed, most of these entrepreneurs are into cupcake creation because deep inside they are the visual artists who enjoy a colorful expression of their ideas. This is probably why artisanal cupcakes were invented. I have developed a special respect for individuals who incorporate an aesthetic touch on their work to set them apart from the commoners. 

An adorable king of the jungle design
The bakeshop also offers customized cupcakes for your party or special celebration needs (Now, this will be great for children's parties). The cupcake toppers they showed us were actually a lot bigger than the usual I've been seeing so you have the opportunity to let your imagination fly high and ask them to work on your own designs. They were just too attractive to eat.
You'll fell in love with the bear who "hearts" you
Looks really colorful when viewed from any angle especially from the top
myKaffe Bakeshop

You'll definitely find a couple, or make that a dozen, of favorites. You'll never get tired of visiting them because they'll constantly improve and introduce new creations to make things a lot more interesting for all of us.

decadent, blissful, yummy, sugary, sweet, delicious, mouthwatering indulgences are true temptations for everyone especially when you are on a diet. But I don't think you'll regret giving in to life's very few tolerable sins like gluttony or over-eating once you've tried their specialties.

Come over for a visit at this place because the experience we had was satisfying, and good enough for you to cheat on your diet plans. I hate myself every time I say that because I think it's already hopeless for me to lose weight because of the perks we are getting as a blogger, but I loved the feeling of being hyper when we over-indulged on the sugary sweet treats.

The foodie bloggers with Miss Abeth Co, owner of myKaffe

Thank you for another fulfilling afternoon with foodie friends of similar interests. We enjoyed our stay and were pleased with most of the delicacies. I hope they invite us again soon on their next presentation of new food products.

myKaffe Bakeshop
is located at 88 4th Avenue corner P. Sevilla street, Caloocan City. You may contact them at (632) 5797940, or at mobile numbers 639209137730 and 639434801934.

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