Friday, January 24, 2014

The Problem with the Privilege Speech: Tamaan Na Ng Kidlat ang Bumitiw!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The problem with the so-called "privilege speech" at the Senate or Congress is that a lawmaker can go on and on and on for long hours without anybody able to question the many discrepancies, loopholes and incompleteness within their often dramatic and seemingly teleserye-inspired stories.

They're not really after the truth. They are only asking for sympathy! - at a free media coverage event for the whole world to see!

When the were supposed to bring out evidence proving them innocent of the crime being accused to them, they will instead try to make you cry and feel sorry for them. They will make it look like they are the underdog being persecuted, being bullied, being trampled upon.


They will implore for your emotional support. Maybe bring along a family member seated on a wheelchair?

They may even tickle the child out of you. A Tonka truck perhaps?

If that doesn't work, they will add some of their own accusations against the people whom they believe masterminded their slow but sure eventual downfall. Normally, when there is very little way to deny the crime, they will turn your attention to the wrongdoings of the other party.

Thus we hear aliases like "boy pirma", "boy pick-up", "boy balato", "boy suhol"...and many more from "alyas pogi". I'm sure "alyas tanda" and "alyas sexy" will sure to follow....Oh, "alyas brenda" already made efforts against "alyas tanda"....Nah! There will be more of these thrilling and suspenseful scenes coming from our favorite lawmakers and government officials whom we entrusted the Philippines.

Laglagan na!!! Damay-damay na hanggang sa kulungan. Isasama ko kayo sa hukay!

But don't worry, guys! Filipinos have short-term memories. Give it a couple of years, and they'll completely forget your past mistakes. You might even get re-elected to another position. Damn Pinoy politics! I'm not really sure if its laughable or deplorable!

May God have mercy on our souls!!!

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