Tuesday, January 14, 2014

WD My Passport Slim : Hardware Review While Watching The Walking Dead

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More than 24 Gb of files (movies, apps, documents, etc.,) transferred within 12 minutes. Was that fast enough?

That was one of the questions I asked myself after testing out the WD My Passport Slim portable external drive. That's actually 2 GB per minute. Well, that was the resulting speed when I transferred the said files from my desktop computer to the WD My Passport Slim....and the similar speed vice versa.

I waited for around 12 minutes for the process to complete. Waiting was done while I was watching the mid season finale of The Walking Dead where several terrible things happened and left two main characters dead.

I realized that the epic battle that happened between the two forces happened so swiftly. The prison attacked showed how men can be illogical, unreasonable, irrational and most of all....ruthless. The fight ended quicly  with the fences and walls of the prison destroyed  allowing hordes of zombies to start coming in and posing as a threat to everyone's safety.

My files, mostly TV series top-billed by The Walking Dead, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, and The Tomorrow People, were still in the middle of the transfer from PC to portable drive when Rick Grimes, played by actor Andrew Lincoln, walked away with his son from the already zombie-infested prison camp.

I am not saying that the file transfer was slow. It was actually fast but maybe not as fast enough against the evils of society gone loco.

In the show, there was an opportunity to just share the prison among the two forces but too much hatred and emotional baggage has damaged the sanity of the Governor or Brian Heriot, played by actor Philip Blake.

Everyone has lost everything that they were fighting for and most of them ended up dead because they followed the majority rule.

Instead of making the fences and the walls stronger by uniting as one, they brought it down with their tanks and destroyed everything in their paths.

The front or top portion of the WD My Passport Slim portable drive was all silvery but the bottom was all blackish or grayish. Just like men who can be all goody smiles when you work and talk with them but will talk behind your back and laugh at your shortcomings when you're not looking.

But this baby's metallic design seems tough and durable enough to be carried around and travel with - not worrying about sudden uncontrollable shakes or movements on the road.

My 1 TB WD My Passport Slim portable drive  would be able to store a lot of files so just like the prison, the two forces could have just shared it as suggested.

I can arrange my files and keep it private by category separating the documents from the multimedia (or even further categorizing like separating the wholesome from the porn movies), just like the prison camp where there are several cell blocks, everyone could have made a choice just to live together in the prison camp but in different cell blocks, and they could have further separated Rick from the Governor.

A password protection and hardware encryption can make security stronger.

You can also automatically back-up files locally or in the clouds using this drive.

The product also works great with Windows 8, and its has a free Windows 8 app inside the drive ready for you to install anytime you're ready.

This ultra-thin portable drive has a 3-year limited warranty so you have a long time to spend before you start worrying if it can be replaced when it suddenly  goes berserk on you. But be sure to always back-up your files regardless of how confident you are with the drive.

WD may be a trusted brand, and this product may be able to last more than three years before finally failing, but you'll really never know since we are aware that there could be some manufacturing defects, or a strange electrical disturbance, or when zombies start biting it into pieces.

Just remember to shoot or strike the damn zombie on the head.

What are you waiting for? Don't be the last to grab one of these WD My Passport Slim portable drives. Run to the nearest tech store and buy one now before we ran for our lives in a zombie apocalypse.

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