Monday, November 4, 2013

The Perks of Being a Fangirl

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A fangirl is a female fan who supports her idol. The idol may be a dancer, a singer or an actor. She shows her dedication to her idol by supporting all of his or her activities, buying their merchandise, watching him or her perform onstage and by sending him letters. There are many causes why a normal girl would become a fangirl. And there are many effects as well that can affect her life in the future or in her present-day life.

K-Pop fangirls are not all born, some are made. One reason why they are made is because of their friends who provoke them to become fangirls. When they are already fangirls, they’ll start listening to songs and watch music videos, and then they'll possibly fall in love with it all, not just to their songs and videos but also the ones who perform them. 

Being a K-Pop fan is more than just adoring K-Pop idols. We are learning how to value things. It is love. It is all about sacrifices, because fan girls would do everything for their biases (K-pop idol crushes) whether it is good or bad. Sometimes, fangirls are crossing their limitations, such as learning to wander off without asking for permission to your parents, learn to lie, be warfreaks (especially if they are talking bad about your bias), disobey their parents, not focusing on their studies anymore and and being judged by other people, which lead them to the bad effects. 

Of course, not all of the effects are bad, there are also good effects, like discovering many things, learning to be more thrifty, being more friendly and having many friends, learning how to share, learning how to respect other cultures and learn Hangul (Korean language), you could showcase your talent, give your best shot, appreciate, give thanks, be outspoken, be strong, learn how to love (true love) and also focus on your studies for bias.

“Experience is the best teacher." We learn best when we enjoy what we're doing. Like for example, fangirling (what fangirls do). Once you enter it, you can't go back. If you enjoy the things that you do then you won't have any problems. There may be times that are hard, that you think you can't surpass it and you feel like giving up. Just always remember that your friends are always there for you, to help you all the time and also your family that will support you in whatever you do and want to do, and that includes being a fangirl.

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