Sunday, November 17, 2013

Anderson Cooper Versus Korina Sanchez : Who Do You Believe?

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First it was Arnold Clavio, then now its Korina Sanchez. WTF Philippine Media??? Could someone build a CNN Philippines network! Let the truth be known!

It's pathetic how a broadcaster would rather argue and bicker with an international news icon like Anderson Cooper rather than actually focus on helping her own country. How does one find time? Korina Sanchez should learn ethics from CNN and not just open her mouth to whatever her emotions dictate.

That's 11 million people affected...which is 10% of the country's population... From Guian, Western Samar to Coron, Palawan... the breadth of the country composed of 7,000+ islands.
Logistics is really poor here in the Philippines and Anderson noticed that by pointing out the lack of personnel on the field. Another example of 'Filipino time', always late... Sadly, this doesn't get address often since everybody seems to be "used" to it... everything is slow here.
It is only after the international media's criticisms that the government seemed to have realized that they need to do something for the people. Foreign aids even reached the ground ahead of the government, what a shame! For one or two days we can understand it, but for God's sake, six days!

Korina Sanchez is obviously protecting the image of her husband (dreaming to be a president on 2016) despite the fact that the Philippine government is super slow in attending the needs of the typhoon victims.
Foreign reliefs are useless when the Philippine military enforcement are idle. The Government provided full security to Napoles than this? For Fuck's sake! 
Karma hurts 10 folds isn't it Korina! people are dying of hunger and yet you chose to deny the fact that the there is no government present. How will you ever get out of this, I wonder?

Thank you CNN for reporting the truth!. It is sad to say that the Philippine media is controlled in some way by the government. Please do a separate death toll count as there are reports that it is deliberately being reduced by Government as well. I have read an article that death toll has already reached 5,000++ and yet the government intervenes to change it 3,400++ to cover up their lousiness.
If not for these International journalists, the whole truth (or the truth) will never ever come out. The Philippine government's only concern is to protect their own reputation for the future election to support their selfish agendas. They like to look good when camera's are on. They don't really care about the people who are suffering and dying. I hope CNN and other international journalist will dig deeper and uncover more anomalies from our government, because I am 100% sure there is more.
Before this broadcast, all I know is that Anderson Cooper was just one hotshot CNN media guy, that he belongs to the philanthropic Vanderbilt family, graduated from Yale and a very seasoned and experienced international journalist who covered war, famine, natural calamity etc.

I now have a much higher level of respect and admiration for Mr. Cooper for his principles and courage for standing by the truth.

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  1. In this battle, I am a hundred percent on Mr. Cooper's side. Why cast away the truth, Korina? Anderson is a journalist and what he sees is what we get. He is only stating what his eyes have seen. Korina is obviously in denial about how our country handles this situation. Is it because her husband, Mar Roxas, is one of those in charge? And that they are apparently not handling the situation very well. I do not know the truth but that is just one of my guesses. Being a journalist is being a truthful person.


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