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Boracay Imagery: Life of Locals and Expats

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Boracay has become a popular resettlement island for foreigners. Retirees and business-minded individuals see the island not only as a peaceful place for living the life, but also as a lucrative destination for establishing a tourism-related enterprise. But inside this bigger picture, it is interesting to see what Boracay inhabitants do on a daily basis. Below are some of the details that show the daily lives of Boracay locals and expats.

The locals

Native Filipinos retain the habit of waking up before dawn. In families with schoolchildren, adults prepare breakfast first and send them off to school on the main island. Doing domestic chores takes up most of the time in the morning, where mothers administer tasks to older kids. The head of the family may leave before or after the schoolchildren depending on their employment.

Being a tourist destination, Boracay offers different kinds of occupations for locals. Bars, restaurants, and the D'Mall employ young adults for regular or contractual positions. Some older people who are still able to work manage kiosks in the populated areas to sell trinkets and other basic necessities like food and drinks. Skilled and educated locals take on hospitality or instructing jobs. Basically, locals on the island of Boracay are the laborers who assist and extend service to foreigners.

The expats

Young and old foreigners who have decided to permanently settle on the island experience the paradisiacal life they are unable to obtain in the city. They wake up in the morning in their apartment or hotel room and breathe the fresh air after opening their window. These settlers have more time to enjoy what the beautiful island has to offer, from biking or motoring or even just walking around near the beach, to talking to other foreigners, and even experiencing the fun Boracay activities available.

Generally, settling foreigners either run their businesses offshore or have a business on the island. Some who have online businesses allot at least half an hour to work in front of a computer, then the rest of the day is spent strolling and lazing around while thinking of other business ideas. Those who are able to establish a joint business on the island with a Filipino perform managerial tasks for their enterprise. Because foreigners can afford the bountiful life on such a paradise, they do less labor and can focus more on living relaxed and simply.

The travelers

As the harbinger of revenue to Boracay, both local and foreign travelers experience delights more than the laboring locals and as much as the enterprising foreign settlers. These visitors take what the island can offer—foods, activities, luxurious lodgings—in exchange of the money they are willing to spend.

A day for visitors starts with action and thrill: After having a complimentary breakfast at one of the boracay beach resort hotel, they can choose either the water activities by the beach or the land activities that run up to the highest point of the island. Whether or not there is an itinerary planned, a vacation day in Boracay can be packed with anything that the traveler desires.

During the night, the party antenna goes up straight. Boracay nightlife is one thing that tourists do not dare miss, since it is a time for loosening up with the help of booze and dancing with a mixture of people. For tourists and travelers, life on this paradise island is never-ending fun and excitement.

Depending on what people came to do in Boracay, they would get a unique picture of the paradise island. Boracay could be three different things at once: an ordinary island, a lucrative paradise, or an exciting vacation spot.

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