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Mocha Uson for Breast Cancer Awareness : Art or Insult to the Catholic Church?

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"Controversial model, singer, and sexy dancer Mocha Uson is looking to push the limits of freedom of expression, as she donned a nun's habit, which she stripped off while posing with naked men." -
Walang kwentang reason: Asked what her purpose is in carrying out the pictorial, Uson said,"Also 'yung awareness din sa breast cancer kasi babae parin ang madre, at isa 'yon sa mga advocacy ko, to examine the breast." Ang sabihin nila ay gusto lang nilang magpapansin.para sumikat.

Sobra na iyan! Maraming nakakakita ng mga pics ninyo sa mga websites. Ano ba yan, for art's sake kuno, kamo for fame's sake at for money's sake.

Be controversial and it's a sure way of getting everyone's attention! Pero siguradong magre-react ang Catholic community nito. Parang yung nangyari kay Mideo. Kanya-kanyang paraan lang para sumikat. Mas kontrobersyal, mas mapapag-usapan. Kita mo naman talaga yang mga tao na yan para lang sumikat lahat ng gimik sa buhay maski nakakabastos na sila ng mga relihiyosong mga tao.. Nakakahiya silang tatlo!!!!!

This is so offensive. Sana nag-isip na lang sila ng ibang concept instead of this. Ganoon na lang ba?? If someone wants to exercise freedom of expression, all they have to do is "MAGHUBAD"???

Mocha is an exhibitionist. She's a 31 year old starlet who desperately needs and seeks attention to lure sexy adult projects. She should strip and stroke her breast in private. Kung ako lang makakakita, I will tolerate it. But what about the minors? Kaya dumadami rape cases because of what they see. This is soooo foul for the nuns! Why choose that concept knowing that it's going to be a BIG issue! The organizers and people behind this shoot is as guilty as the model for allowing such disrespect in the Holy community!

Masama implication ng picture na ito lalo na sa mga bata. Baka isipin nila na ang mga madre ay ganyan ka laswa, di man lang inaalis ng babae yong cornette.

....and for to post this, sensationalizing this, taking advantage of it, reflects their sense of responsibility. Truly immature journalism. I just wish this isn't for their magazine.

May mga tao palang ganoon ka-desperado sa kagustuhan nilang sumikat. Kontroversial ang ginawa ni Mocha at baka ikagalit iyan ng CBCP! Walang namang question doon sa gusto niya mangyari pero pag gumamit ka ng nun dress at maghuhubad at may kasama pang barako ay parang wala kang respeto sa  mga Catholics.

Ganito yata ang ginagawa nila pag laos na... Yung iba gagawa ng s*x videos tapos i-upload sa web tsaka sasabihing nanakaw hard disks nila?

Kahit malawak ang pag iisip nang mga tao hindi cguro kayang intindihin nang iba ang ganitong art! So disrepectful sa mga madre at sa mga Catholic. Hindi maganda sa mata, lalo sa mga kabataan! 
 Indeed we have no right to judge the person on what's going on inside her, but we can 100% judge the action and behavior done, for that's what affects the life of others. Our freedom of expression is always limited by the rights of others to be protected from disgraceful and unbecoming acts and behavior...We pay too much attention to what she does, each of which is inconsequential to anything we should treasure as a nation. You call it "Freedom of Expression", I call it an inordinate craving for undeserved attention.
  Mocha doesn't know the true meaning of the habit that's why she said "art"...., though not all nuns wear habits, But for most. if not all, it's a symbol of of their consecration to God! Whatever reason she might say, it would not justify at all!

Her advocacies are really worth the fight but the means she uses to show her stand is not so pleasing at all. I think this very tasteless and insensitive. Whatever religious affiliation I have doesn't even matter. This is smut and outright foul!

Freedom of expression was made to use in a right way, not to offend the others, especially to offend religious feelings. The veil symbolizes holiness.


This high fashion editorial is indeed alarming and a big disrespect to the Catholic Church. But do you know the bigger reason behind it? 

Did you know that this high fashion editorial photo shoot was also a way to protest against the infringement on the rights of women on religious grounds? 

Lior Nordman a Fashion Photographer from Israel, in most of his editorials, shows how women are treated as lesser humans. Like for example in Israel, women are forced to seat in the back of the bus to create separation between men and women. In some circles they are not allowed to speak publicly and sing.
Muslims believes that when women display their beauty to everybody, they degrade themselves by becoming objects of sexual desire and become vulnerable to men, who look at them as " gratification for the sexual urge". So respect a women wearing a veil whether she is a Christians, Muslims, Jews etc..
"If people start putting limits on the so-called 'freedom of expression', then it's not freedom anymore. If people could criticize the government then why would religion be any different. Nobody's immune to criticism."

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  1. That picture is disturbing not to mention the reaction of the catholic church. It's okay and tolerable if she just consider that photo without the nun's veil. We all know it's very distracting and disrespectful to our nuns. Although her reasons are about the breast cancer and that also nun would be affected,she should pose for more respectable photo as to the reputations of the nun. Must be clean and graceful right? Not some alluring and dirty posing.

    - Sherilyn Piñon

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