Sunday, September 15, 2013

Miley Cyrus : Twerking Her Way to the Bank on a Wrecking Ball

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So which broke first? The video record or your heart? Well, I think I got hit hard by the wrecking ball and my mind is still filled with all the twerking!

After the VMA's, I knew the next step was nudity. It was the only thing left for her to do to get attention, and it didn't take her long. I just don't think she's a good singer, but who is listening for any vocal talent? As for her body, she is 20 and that helps a lot, but she is kind of running out of anywhere to go next in videos.Now the next step is do a p0rn0 with James Deen?

My guess is, for her next step, after the CD has run its course..... will be toning it down. That's the smart play, and the girl is smart. Let the haters hate... she's laughing (and twerking) all the way to the bank.

"With more than 19 million views within 24 hours since it premiered, Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" video has succeeded not only in wrestling the Vevo record from One Direction's "Best Song Ever" but has also managed to overshadow the 20-year-old pop rock singer's raunchy performance at the VMAs. That is because now all the attention is on the nudity and other sexual innuendos in her Terry Richardson-directed music video." -
The controversial soft porn video directed by Terry Richardson sees the 20-year-old singer moan about heartbreak while dangling her nude limbs around on top of a wrecking ball hanging by a chain.

Miley also grabs a sledgehammer and starts lashing her tongue around it like some kind of gobstopper.

Miley knows what she's doing. She knows a lot of people won't like her, but a lot of people are talking about her. After not working for a little while, she needed people to talk about her when she started putting out new music. This is going to be her "party album" and then she'll tone it down later. Regardless of whether you like her or not, her publicity skills are excellent.

Twerk it all the way, Miley!

Have an er3ction lasting more than 4 hours? Ask your doctor about watching Miley Cyrus trying to be 's3xy'. Side effects may include confusion, nausea, or uncontrollable laughter.

On her, nudity isn't sexy, it's creepy. Too much spray tan or something, but I kept feeling a creepiness, like what i was watching wasn't quite real, that it was computer generated in some way.

For all this feminist talk about empowering women and women being strong figures, Mylie Cyrus, Brittany Spears, Madonna lower themselves to degraded sex objects by the videos they make. They enforce the idea that women are subservient to men and exist solely to provide sexual pleasure to men.

She clearly wants attention but hasn't matured enough to seek attention for whatever talent she may have. Of course, it would be explainable if she is planning to switch careers and be a porn star. She makes me cringe.

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  1. In my opinion, Miley is simply trying to give us the message that she is all grown up and not the goody two-shoes little Hannah Montana Disney star we all used to know. Maybe she was just under a lot of pressure, that's why she got a bit carried away sending us this message. Whatever happens, we just have to respect her own beliefs and principles and hope for the best that she acts appropriately.

  2. Well, regarding with Miley Cyrus doing this kind of stuff is really bothering because most of us were shocked by the drastic change that happened to her but I personally believe that she also has reasons why she's doing this so I can only say that we should at least respect & understand her because it's her own way of expressing her feelings after the break up with her ex-fiance.

  3. Honestly, I think that Miley is talented. It's just that the image she's trying to create is, in my opinion, inappropriate. Still, I respect her because I don't have the right to tell her what to do. It is true that most female popstars let themselves be degraded just to get attention instead of empowering feminism. That is a disappointing fact but it is the responsibility of the society to preserve equality among the genders. Anyway, we must not let scandalous acts of "artists" like Miley affect our lives. Soon enough the attention will cease and it will just be a weird chapter in Miley Cyrus' life.

  4. I know Miley shocked us all with her performance at the VMAs and the music videos that were posted these past few weeks or maybe months. Well I believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe she thought that these music videos that she created are the only way to express how wrecked she was. We should respect and understand her.

  5. I don't want to be a hater of anyone. I'm not a hater of Miley, either. Its just that I really don't understand her and her reason for doing all these crazy things to herself - being like things will not solve anything. Yes, I know, she's badly hurt, maybe its beyond comprehension but if I were her I WILL BE STRONG. I will not let my ex-fiance see me like that. I will not let him see, how broken I am because him. I WILL NOT BE THAT PATHETIC AND PITIFUL. I will make sure that HE WILL REGRET BREAKING UP WITH ME. Unfortunately, this isn't sexy. I really hope Miley will stop this soon because it is truly creepy to see her like this.

  6. I agree on what Sherina said. :) It's a matter of choice. Miley chose to do that, to be like that because of a reason maybe which is hard for her to express or voice out. No matter what she is, she will still be a human being that should be treated well. For me, it doesn't matter how you express or feel the song that you sing as long as you can sing it sincerely although I haven't seen her music video. I will never forget to respect her as a woman. :))

  7. "People change." It ma be a bad or a good one. Each and everyone of us has the freedom to express our self. All of us have imperfections and it equals beauty. I'm not saying that the changes happened to her are all good but maybe she feels good about it. It is her choice of being like that and we should respect it. she's just enjoying her life in her own terms.

  8. Miley Cyrus is great singer and performer but I think this time, she went overboard considering the fact that some of her listeners/fans are youngsters or aren't matured enough. She changed maybe for a certain reason. We should just respect her and let's see the changes if there is any. Who knows? She's just interpreting the song in that manner.

  9. We all know how it works on hollywood. They need to make their way on top. I guess this is her own way. Anyway, we should not be prejudicial with Miley. Let's just accept that she changed. Nothing more, nothing less. But hey, I know that some of those who critic her still patronize her songs.

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