Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Highlight of My Summer School Break 2013

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Preparing for the college entrance tests was one of the highlights of my vacation. My friends and I decided to enroll ourselves at PTS Review Center. We were told that we are to attend six days of review classes and follow the M-W-F schedule that was given to us.

For six days, I have to wake up early, fix myself, and travel alone in the morning. My friends and I have to meet each other somewhere in Santolan. And when everybody has arrived, we will be heading to LRT Santolan Station, buy cards, ride the train, and walk (or run) until we reached our destination. It’s very tiring, but still, we enjoyed it! Lots of hilarious and as expected, unforgettable experiences happened on our way.

We are always late, but who cares? We are half of the class. Haha! The place was great, the teachers were cool, especially Sir Ros and Sir Enrico, and our classmates were also okay. Just like a typical class, our class is composed of very random students, there’s the funny one, the annoying brats, the nerds, the quiet one, etc. 

I thought that we’re just going to listen to some boring topics that we already studied before, but I was wrong. Our review was really helpful. It’s obvious that we enjoyed every moment of it. Well, except for the dull moments wherein teachers are not that funny anymore (when they are joking) and when we feel exhausted and our minds are already saturated that we can’t focus anymore.

I’ve also experienced a lot of first times that time, like I travelled 5:00 in the morning alone going to Santolan, I, together with a friend, attended a mass at Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish, my friends and I waited for a jeepney for a couple of hours, my friends and I rode a jeepney and most of us unintentionally were not able to pay because we’re in a hurry. Well, forget about that! hahaha! So much fun and stuff, too many to mention. But the most unforgettable one was when I had a really meaningful conversation with my close friends at a fast food chain and we’re really noisy that time.

I got to see, hangout, and have fun with my friends, and of course, study with them in preparation for the CETs. It was the most memorable days of my summer school break 2013.

Everything was beyond my expectations. What a vacation, simple yet memorable!

Contributed By: Aubrey Cabrera

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  1. It's good to know that that the author spent her vacation productively unlike the others. She still managed to review for the upcoming UPCAT while everyone is having fun.

    I hope the author will pass the exam. :)))

    ~Mary Joyce Eliang

  2. Hi Aubrey! Even though you din't spent your summer in outdoor activities, at least you have taken the upcat review.. And I think that's more important than having fun at present. And I believe that will help you a lot in taking the entrance test.. :)

  3. Nyro Joseph MagsinoJuly 7, 2013 at 9:31 PM

    The author did a great job in spending her summer vacation productively. She didn't waste her time doing unimportant things. Even though we thought that she did not enjoy her summer vacation totally, this will help her in the near future. I hope the she will pass the UPCAT entrance exam. :)))

  4. Hi Aubrey! We attended the same tutorial, we were on the same table. we learned a lot and enjoyed everything together. I hope we'll pass all the entrance exams

    -Ma. Vallea Andal

  5. It's good to know that Aubrey spent her summer vacation on a productive way. She enrolled herself on a review center. At least she will be prepared enough for the incoming entrance exams on the colleges she wants to try. Good luck, Aubs! :)

    - Wolvie M. Cabatbat

  6. It is really a good thing that you thought about enrolling in a class for a review in college entrance exams. At least you had some fun while in class. Hope you get into the college you dream of. Good luck.

    -Danielle M. Manalo

  7. It's nice to know that she spent her summer vacation productively. At least you've learned while having fun. Hope you pass the exams

    -Nicole Castro


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