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Demeter and the Seasons

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Demeter is the goddess of harvest, agriculture, grains and farmlands.

Demeter is the daughter of Cronus and Gaia and sister of Zeus by whom she became the mother of Persephone. When Persephone was abducted by Hades, lord of the underworld, Demeter wandered the earth in search of her lost child. During this time, Demeter was refusing to feed the earth by growing grains, which caused a great and terrible famine on earth. Since no one else could do her job, Zeus-- ever mindful of god's needs for worshipers-- decided to sent Hermes to the underworld, ordering Hades to restore Persephone to her mother. However, before Persephone left, she ate six pomegranate seeds which bound her to the underworld forever. And so it was arranged that Persephone would spend six months a year above ground with her mother, but she would have to spend the remaining months in the land of dead with her husband.

And that is how it has been since then, according to the story: that's why we have the seasons.
Persephone represents the grain. Like grain, she comes up out of the earth in the spring, and dances in the meadow with her friends. Her mother Demeter is glad to see her and makes the sun shine.


In the fall, though, Persephone dies as the grain comes ripe and is harvested. She has to go back under the ground again, as men plant the seeds under the ground. Persephone's mother is sad and cries, like the rain in winter.
Then every spring she comes up again.

Demeter is my favorite deity because of her great love for her daughter and her ability to control the seasons. My life is like the four seasons, it's cyclical, there are times when I faced challenges and difficulties in my life,(winter) and when I learned my lesson, this is the time when I start to let go all the negative thoughts, and emotions (autumn). Being able to let go what happened in the past, helps me create new beginnings for myself (spring) and live my life to the fullest (summer).

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  1. It is nice to know that you have a strong personality like Demeter. And yes, just like seasons, we change.


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