Monday, July 15, 2013

Facebook Can Make or Break The World : Rumor Mongering Online

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A great thing about Facebook, and its likeness like Twitter or Instagram, is that we can use it to bring out a lot, if not all, of our frustrations. It is a medium where we can rant about the despicable acts of individuals or groups that put shame to our nation, curse those that humiliate the very essence of our personality, and inform or warn our friends, colleagues and the rest of the online community against erring and misguided elements.

Wait a minute! Is rumor mongering something we should be proud of?

Facebook and other social media are indeed a very powerful tool. We can make the entire world know of our situation with just one click of Share or Retweet, even a simple Like can mean a lot of things for many. We can make someone or an establishment very popular, and likewise, we can influence and spread rumors that can destroy a person, a company, and even a country. Be very careful and responsible in using it. It can make or break an individual.

I am often tempted to react inappropriately because it's either you take part of the conversation and participate in all the bashing, or ask the other person and wait until you hear the other side of the story...... some would say it is better to just keep quite, ignore, and do not comment at all.

However, I believe that you are not man enough if you don't take sides and do not express your own feelings and point of views. This world needs more people who have the guts to stand up for what he believes in - but that should be only after a careful study and investigation of real facts coming from reliable and unbiased sources.

We cannot afford to make a mistake and regret in the end. Our every action will eventually conclude into one end result. Be ready to back it up and stand behind your decision.

I have chosen to take sides in many things, and all the rest I am still contemplating until I get more verifiable information that will help me in my decision making.

But until I've got all the facts - I am divided into staying away or making it civil. But I don't really have a poker face just like the others. So help me or bear with me - I badly need your understanding.

However, do they really deserve to receive all that hate?

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  1. I also once experience this kind of happening. Just because I expressed my opinion everyone criticized me. I think even if you're at the right side some people will still misunderstood you. Now when I see facts or statements I want to comment to I just control my self because I know that this would just lead me to trouble and besides I avoid using my facebook for that purpose instead I'll just use it in more productive way where no one can complain like sharing my photos;)


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