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Tang Brings Out The Hero in Every Kid

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Tang has been one of the very popular and recognizable powder juice drink since my childhood. It has more than one occasion been the families favorite juice drink. Since we are not so fond of softdrinks, the better alternative was juice, and the more economical was powdered juice drinks....and now Tang is giving back something to the kids by recognizing their noble efforts in the society.

Whether for family or friends, for the sick or underprivileged, for education or the environment, Tang is calling out to kids everywhere to make a difference in the lives of others and to contribute in their own ways to making the Philippines the best it can be.

This advocacy from Tang was launched at the Mind Museum with young talent Arkin Magalona hosting the celebration of “kiddie heroes” headlined by the 2012 “Tang Galing Mo Kid!” Awardees. They are ‘kid heroes’ cited for their efforts in making the world a better place for their communities despite challenging circumstances. The Tang Galing Mo Kid award is being supported by the launch of Tang’s ritual, “Handa-Inom-Gawa,” which refreshes the hero in each and every kid, and encourages them to do good for their communities. Tang is a product of Kraft Foods Philippines (KFP), part of the Mondel─ôz International family of Companies.

Meet a few of the Tang Galing kids. Kesz Valdez founded “Caring Children” which gives slippers, books and hygiene kits to street kids. Brothers U Maalam Wisely and Trubador Wisely sell their artwork to buy canvas, coloring and drawing pens and other art materials which are used to teach other kids to draw. Raynold de la Cruz launched “Saving Kids with First-Aid Kits,” which provides first-aid kits to public-school clinics from funds he raises by selling ice candy. Angela Serafico sells her paintings to donate to calamity victims. Dannah Suaze and Martha Balagat teach catechism to kids.

That these kids were picked from hundreds of nominations proves there are many more kids out there with a mind and heart for others. Tang Category Marketing Manager Alex Dan Tacderas said, “As a brand that celebrates the hero in every kid, Tang recognized these “Tang Galing Mo Kid!” awardees to show that our kids have the power to change things for the better. Today, we want to start conversations on how there are many more real-life ‘kid heroes’ that you just haven’t heard about. Those who have taken similar steps towards helping people and the planet. Tang shares their stories and seeks more from kids and parents alike to continue to inspire and empower. The Tang Galing Club is certainly committed to provide such opportunities to bring out and celebrate the heroes in our kids.”


Facilitating this call to empower kids is an online site,, and a partner Facebook site for moms at

“The Tang Galing Club is a virtual hangout for kids who want to make a difference, a venue where they can understand what “Ipakita ang Galing!” really means,” explains Tacderas. “Through interactive tools, games, and activities, members of the club can show what they’ve got, meet equally heroic kids who share the same vision, and get the support they need to do some good in their world. The Tang Galing Club becomes the friendly place where they can actually learn the “how to’s” of creating real, positive change. And in Tang Galing Club, learning becomes fun as kids can earn points and rewards the more they engage in the digital platform.”

The community site for moms housed on Facebook shares tips on raising empowered children, announces community initiatives, and encourages mothers to share their kids’ “heroic” achievements.

To plant seeds of inspiration, students of the Multiple Intelligence International School’s (MIIS) “Kids Can!” program also shared how they used their smarts to make a difference. Jam Uy sold home baked goodies dubbed “rainforest cafe” to help raise funds for Cambantoc Project rainforest rehabilitation; Harvey Gana organized a fun run to pay for the expensive medication of kids with cancer; Pablo Gamboa wrote and published books to raise awareness for hunger and environmental concerns; Audrey Pe made trinkets and swatches for sale to benefit the education of underprivileged kids in Bohol; Mika Rodriguez sold bracelets and bookmarks to benefit the Cancer Warrior Foundation; and Raine Gavino, Anica Abaquin and Diego Cortez made products for the M.I. Kids Can! Bazaar to provide nutritious breakfasts for the children of Bahay Mapagmahal.

“We are committed as a school to enable kids to be leaders who make good choices and are part of the solution,” said Teacher Joy Abaquin, multi-awarded educator, child advocate, and MIIS founding directress. She spoke of the critical role parents play in empowering their children, “Parents are a child’s first mentors. If we want our kids to not only grow up to be successful but also happy, we should, at their early age, help them live a life of purpose by giving them opportunities to use their intelligences to make a difference. That is why we share Tang’s campaign to bring out the hero in every kid!”

Visit to see how kid heroes are making a difference in the world!

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  1. I opted to send my younger brother here after my friends recommended this site and mentioned that the children are well-taught here. I read everything on their website and agreed over the phone with them; the personnel are polite and responsible. The younger brother initially refused to go, but after the first visit, he instantly stated that he enjoyed it and that he wanted more; I had no idea that youngsters could be so enthusiastic about small things. I'll tell my friends with kids about this kids club!


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