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Philippines Getting Cheezy Over Chiz

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"So yeah, there you go. I guess future aspiring Senators should look at the following if they desire public office position:

1. Speak well in Tagalog.

2. Huwag maging pala-away. Choose your battles well and always take the respectful higher ground.

3. Have a yuppie-approachable-fit persona. Be perceived as someone's brother or sister - rather than a parent if you are not that old.

4. Be friends with personalities in the entertainment industry."

When I say Chiz, you say Heart!

It's always the first thing that comes into mind (oh well maybe you'll say Escudero) whenever the name of Senator Chiz Escudero is mentioned, especially for those who are fond of watching television and has seen  the Senator's co-hosting stint on Kapamilya's Kris TV hosted by Kris Aquino.
But why on Earth am I bothering myself with these petty political-gone-celebrity issues that's obviously just a propaganda to elevate his image to political stardom?

We all know that majority of our countrymen do not bother to research on accomplishments or academic achievements of our politicians. Many would rather pick the guy or gal that are the "Philippines' sweeathearts" (just to borrow from America's Sweethearts).

Many are just too busy or just don't care enough to make a big fuzz out of it. So come election time, it often becomes a choice among the most talk-of-the-town and the least involved in fiascos.

An excellent strategy to win in a political post is to be seen with a celebrity and mix it with a romantic affair (dapat may Public Display of Affection), learn to speak at the level of the masses (palaliman ng tagalog), and act like you're always the meek and the underdog to get sympathy (magmukha kang mahirap lang at kawawa).

Chiz knows the Filipino well, and would really get a vote from those who perceive national leadership as just a popularity game.

But Chiz is not the only one playing the same old political game. Many, however, have new tricks under their sleeves to keep up with the changing and challenging times.

I was very much intrigued with one of the comments which I posted here below. I guess there is a lot of truth out of the statement:

"take note that Trapo's select their spouses to have a "masa appeal" so Chiz is positioning on his ultimate ambition, ex, Sharon Cuneta/Francis Pangilinan (won), Assunta de Rossi/Jules Ledesma (won), Corina Sanches/Mar Roxas (muntik na) etc..."

Finally, I think there is still the need to worry. I thought the voting public has changed, but elections results of the past and even the latest reveals that the people are still inclined to vote for  politicians with a tele-serye appeal.

"I just hope that he won't be #1 in the overall results for that will only magnify the kind of voters that we have. How popularity, trustworthy perception, rather than performance, track record, potential, rules the day in our minds."

Is there still hope for the Filipino voting public?

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  1. Filipino voters are intelligent nowadays. They know who to vote and not to vote. They read a lot, scrutinize every bit of information that they get from references. We can no longer teach them what to do. Very good article..

  2. An eye-opening article for both political and showbiz enthusiasts.. I believe there's still hope for the voting system.. as well as its expected results.

  3. i don't think we should relate relationships and voting. dapat binoboto mo ang tao dahil magaling sila, hindi dahil sikat sila.

  4. Maybe we shouldn't base our voting on popularity and relationships to celebrities. For me, the basis of voting should be the candidate's capability, willingness and the genuine purpose of serving the country.

  5. Personal life, although sometimes considered a part, should not be a factor in deciding who to vote for, unless it's already interfering with work.

  6. Yes, if Filipinos were truly intelligent, they'd "vote wisely" by not voting at all.


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