Thursday, October 15, 2020

Leveling Up How We Look Up to Influencers

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You either COLLAB or HATE. You can't be the in between OR because it's not a call to action.

COLLAB if you want to work with us, or HATE, if you want to sulk in one corner ranting infront of the keyboard telling yourself you are better alone or to work only with everybody else that you haven't irritated.

We can't please everyone. ...but as long as there's that genuine aim to make a difference, we will eventually succeed. 

Influencing others does not always happen overnight. It could take years before you get a full grasp of your niche, or you could be a jack of all trades and go for multitasking, or you could specialize to become an expert.

However, the Internet is constantly giving birth to several innovations especially on social media and mobile apps. These platforms have also brought about many opportunities to discover potentials.

Thus, influencers in various forms and vanity have saturated the online scene, and not just on mainstream now that the pandemic has limited our every move....and so we now thrive in the digital world considered as a fairly competitive playing field.

How do you define your influencer?

There's just so many noise on the Internet, especially on social media that it is naturally difficult to distinguish fake from real, bogus from authentic, superficial from skin deep.

Thus, following after influencers could both be inspiring or depressing if ever they suddenly get eaten up by fame and popularity....when many often forget their original intentions, whatever they were.

The call of endorsing brands that could not be the best choice, but because there's sponsorship perks, you sacrifice your credibility for financial gains.

To be an Influencer is more than just getting followers who adore and engage with your every post. It is more significant if you are able to motivate them to follow what the correct path towards what you are advocating. 

If fandoms admire their idols because of certain traits and point of views that they exhibit, it is but expected that they emulate their idols example. 

However, there should be a limit to fanaticism, especially when your idol no longer practice what he preach.

We loved him for what he was so we should be ready to hold him accountable for impressions broken.

Below are some examples of ideal influencing.

The InfluenCHEF doesn't just eat to form his entire food review adventure. He goes beyond the traditional by even studying how to nurture veggies from seeds to harvest, then using them as ingredients for his cooking, then rewarding himself with sumptuous eating! It's the complete cycle of influencing.

MOTORinfluencer is now on the road. He doesn't just drive, he learns and follows the traffic signs and rules, respects commutes and pedestrians, and makes sure his vehicle is in good condition so it won't contribute much on the worsening pollution.

influenSINGER sings to you until you fall asleep. Seriously, he capitalizes on his strengths, laughs at his bloopers and embraces his weaknesses. He cares very little of what others have to say as long as he is on the side of what's true and right.

These are but just a few examples of how we should pick our influencers and not because of their pretty faces or fancy outfits or luxurious cars and houses. 

We should look up to influencers that makes us the better versions of ourselves...who gives up offers by being selective in our choices,.and not just becoming another brainwashed dude who got duped in believing the products of networking companies are actually good.

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